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How to Clean Suede

How to Clean Suede

Suede is an attractive fabric used for shoes, apparel, furniture, bags, and various kinds of upholstery. The material is highly adored by people, due to its soft and smooth texture. It's a versatile material and needs to be handled delicately. This write-up provides information on techniques to clean this fabric.
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Suede is a leather with fleecy surface. It is made from the deepest layer of the skin of lamb, goat, calf, and deer. Thus, it is more supple and flexible than standard leather. It was originally used for women's gloves. It gets dirtier faster and is more difficult to clean. You have to be extremely careful while cleaning the product, otherwise you might end up spoiling the fabric with rough movements of the brush. Regular cleaning would ensure that the stains are easily removed and thus, you can renew its look. You will require the following materials for cleaning the fabric.


Materials used for cleaning are given below:
  • Suede brush
  • Paper towel
  • White vinegar
  • Linseed oil
  • Distilled water
  • Clean pencil eraser
  • Leather protection sprays
  • Sandpaper
  • Crepe/Rubbers/Gum Erasers
  • Suede wire brush
  • Suede degreasers/cleaners
  • Washcloths
  • Leather cleaning kits
  • Shoe shining kits
General Technique
  • First, gently rub the fabric with a dry bath towel to remove the surface dust layer.
  • You can then rub the stains with a clean pencil eraser. Make gentle sweeps with the rubber.
  • If the stain is wet, then you can place a paper towel over the stain, so that the liquid gets absorbed. Make sure that you do not apply any type of chemical stain remover.
  • Then clean the surface mildly with the help of a brush.
  • For cleaning the shoes or the fabric, you can add a few drops of white vinegar over the stains.
  • Now rub the surface of the fabric with a dry cloth. This will remove the stains.
  • Air dry the fabric to get the shine.
Those were the most simple steps for cleaning the couches, fabrics, boots, shoes, and furniture.

Suede Leather Clothing

The process differs a little for cleaning leather clothing. It's always advised to get it cleaned by a professional, as this leather has a very delicate texture. Leather shoes, purses, and jackets covered with suede are cleaned with specific cleaners. You can get the kits from the market. Read the instructions carefully before making any attempt to clean them. Insidious stains like ink, blood, foods, oils, etc., can be cleaned gently with sandpaper. You can also try to eliminate them with the specific degreasers and cleaners made for this fabric. Ensure that you do not apply extra force if the stain doesn't disappear with the normal ways, as this will damage the fabric. Dry stains are usually removed with crepe, rubbers, and gum erasers. Cleaning of this leather can also be done by running a mild vacuum cleaner over the surface or dusting with a wire suede brush.

Garments and Upholstery

You must clean the garments or upholstery made with this material every six months. Rinse them in water mixed with mild face wash. Distilled water is recommended for cleaning leather materials. Make sure that you dry it properly, and then buff the material with a clean piece of cloth to retain the luster. A mixture of linseed oil and white vinegar is an excellent cleanser for leather furniture and garments.

Suede is an extremely fashionable fabric which requires immense care for preserving its quality. Follow the aforementioned tips and maintain the luxurious texture of your apparels, shoes, accessories, and furniture.
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