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How to Get Spot-free and Squeaky Clean Vinyl Floors Easily

Bidisha Mukherjee Jun 6, 2019
The glossy look of vinyl floors makes your house look very beautiful and attractive. However, to maintain their shine, some cleaning techniques need to be followed.
In the last few decades, vinyl flooring has gained a lot of popularity. This is because it has certain advantages like - availability in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns; durability, easy to maintain, and it is cost-effective. We all want that the glossy look to last for a long time. This is achievable if we are careful while cleaning them.

Cleaning Regular Dust particles

Any dust or sand particles stick to the surface of these floors, this can be removed by simple sweeping with a broom. It is better if you can avoid the use of a vacuum cleaner.
Even if you wish to use one, make sure that it does not have the beater bar, as this can make scratch marks. Sometimes, sweeping is not enough and you should opt for mopping. If you want, you can use lukewarm water and add some neutral pH cleaner to get better results.
You can use a solution of vinegar and water, mixed in equal quantities, to mop up the floor. It not only cleans, but also helps to eliminate any kind of foul smell.

Cleaning Difficult Stains

Removal of greasy stains needs special attention otherwise some damage may be inadvertently caused to the surface of the floor. Never use any detergent, as it tends to make the surface sticky, which in turn would attract more dust.
Add some cleaning products to fresh warm water and rinse the floor thoroughly. Use some mild detergent like the dish washing liquid in a quart of water for the stains. In case, the stain is too stubborn, wet the area with the solution overnight so that it softens up the dirt and then wipe off with a dry cotton cloth.
Or else, pour a spoonful of clear ammonia into a quart of warm water to clear the spots. After the use of ammonia, another round of thorough rinsing is a must, in order to remove the thin film of ammonia left behind on the surface.

Cleaning Spills

Spills, if allowed to settle down, can give you a really tough time. Hence, the best option is to wipe them off as soon as possible with a piece of cloth. Now, rinse the affected area and dry it with a cloth.
Using any abrasive scrubbers or cleaners should be strictly avoided. While cleaning the spills, if the polish gets damaged, you can use a floor polish that has been recommended by the manufacturers.
Apart from using the right methods for cleaning, there is an important measure which you can undertake to maintain the gloss of the floor intact. Keep some non-staining walk-off mats, near every entrance of the room. This will prevent the dirt from entering the room.