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How to Clean your Carpeted Hardwood Floor

Zoey Fawell Dec 09, 2019
When it is about cleaning a carpeted hardwood floor, you will always know that only cleaning the rug form one side is not enough. Rugs contain a lot of dirt and dust. And so, cleaning it from the inside is important.
When you have carpet over a hardwood floor, you have to take care of the carpet along with the floor. Yes, it means double duty. Don’t worry as we are here to solve the problem for you. We will tell you the way of cleaning your carpeted hardwood floor easily! Let’s begin!

1. Clean the Dust

The first thing you have to take care of, is the dust on the rugs. If you have carpets in your house, you know how dirty carpets get after some days of use. On the other hand, you cannot clean the whole carpet on both sides every day.
The best solution is using a vacuum for carpet and hardwood floors. These vacuum cleaners come with incredible accessories. These are great for cleaning the hardwood floor along with the carpet. Also, settle for a cleaner that has HEPA filter as it keeps the air fresh and dust-free.

2. Eliminate the Odor

After cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, you have to eliminate the bad odor of the carpet. If vacuum cleaning is not enough, you can settle for cleaning the carpet with a broom. All you have to do is beat the carpet and let the dust come out.
Now, for reducing the odor, you will have to use sodium bicarbonate. Spread it all over your carpet properly. Let it stay the whole night. In the morning, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. And your carpet will be completely odor-free!

3. Safeguarding Hardwood Floor

As you are taking care of your carpet so much, you have to give some time to the hardwood floor too. In most cases, when you clean the carpet with water and other products, carpets take the products inside. And finally, the hardwood floor also soaks the products and water. This can ruin the floor gradually.
To clean the hardwood floor, take steps beforehand. When you clean the carpet, you can try to keep a rag between the floor and the rug. Also, you can use waterproof barrier between both sectors while cleaning the whole rug. Try to take the rug outside while cleaning; this protects your floor from damage.

4. Clean the Rug

While cleaning the whole rug, you have to be careful. Try to clean the whole rug at least once a month. Also, when the rug gets dirty, try to use a vacuum cleaner, quoted by Vacfaqs. Remove the stains from specific places. Use carpet shampoos for cleaning the rugs.
If you can clean your carpet with steam cleaning method, steam-clean it. This removes all the dirt and debris from the carpet. You only need to vacuum the carpet first and then you can steam-clean it. As steam cleaning affords hot steam to the carpet, fibers get loose for some time and all dust and dirt is removed easily.

5. Dry the Carpet

If you want to keep the carpet perfect and the floor damage-free, you have to give importance to drying the carpet tip to toe. If you do not dry it properly, the carpet will not serve you for years. Also, the hardwood floor will be wet and you will damage the floor.
For drying it, you will need to keep good airflow in the room. Also, you can take the carpet to your backyard (after cleaning the space) or you can take it to the terrace for drying the carpet. After drying, vacuum clean the carpet once again! And place it on the floor.

Parcel Up

If you are worried about cleaning the carpeted hardwood floor, don’t worry anymore. We have mentioned all the required steps for the best cleaning process.

You need a pollution free and a dust-free clean house. For that, you are only required to go through these steps!