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How to Declutter Your Home

Clutter in one's home is never a good or healthy thing. Whether it's the living room, bedroom, or basement, it's important to keep things in order and discard what is of no use anymore. Let's take a look at some helpful tips on how to get things organized.
Clutter can be an annoying thing to look at, no matter what part of the house is a mess. Not only will it leave you agitated, but it'll certainly stress you out, too. My room is only messy when it comes to one thing―clothes. I have a mini mountain sitting on one corner of my room, and my cupboard is in complete disarray. But with time, I learned how to get rid of the things I didn't need, where I find myself not as stressed as I once was. With these tips, you're sure to feel proud after tidying up a room.

Tips on How to Declutter a Room

Decluttering is a simple and effectual way of cleaning up your home in a jiffy, by first knowing where to begin. Take time out during the weekend to sort through your stuff, one room at a time, beginning the process according to a well-devised plan of action. To get started, this is how you need to begin.

Make a List Post Inspection
Walk around your home and compile a list of things in your bedroom, hall, kitchen, living room, bathroom, or drawing-room of visible items that you don't use/need anymore. It could be an empty vase collecting dust, old toothbrushes, tarnished cookware, shoes you don't wear/that don't fit anymore, empty product bottles, old newspaper/magazine piles, and the like. Once you've made your list, look it over and make a conscious decision to get rid of/donate/sell those items through online auctions like on eBay or Amazon. Look through cupboards and cabinets, too, for piled up, useless junk.

Strict Hygiene Rules
Be it a roommate, family member, child, or friend, stress on how much cleaner and spacious a room looks when things are put in their rightful places. Don't give anyone a chance to sift through your stuff and remove old items that need to go (if they're in good condition, you may ask them to see if they'd like to keep something). But, be sure they don't take what they want and not use them.

Stop Buying New Items
If you're going to declutter your home, you'll have to stop buying new interior additions. First, put your mind to sorting through what is already there and then later replace them with new stuff if needed. Getting rid of something doesn't mean you have to replace it. Buy only what you 'absolutely need', as opposed to something nice you see in a window display. Resolve to only buy what your home needs if it is something important to replace like old/broken plates or dishes, tattered area rugs, or chipped showpieces, to name a few.

Arrange Clothes Neatly
Begin by putting away outfits you wear during a particular time of the year, depending on the weather. Winter clothes should go into suitcases or cardboard boxes; the same goes for rainy-weather wear. Use hangers to neatly arrange dresses, suit jackets, shawls, and the like. Fold items and separate your home-wear from outdoor-wear into neat piles.

Socks, undergarments, and ties should go into drawers or bedside cabinets to avoid a crammed cupboard. Don't buy any new clothes unless you've sorted through what you already own. If you haven't worn something in months or even over a year, give it away. Once you separate your things into what you want to keep and what has to go, you'll end up with the neatest, clutter-free bedroom cupboard.

Get Rid of Expired Products
Check out items in your bathroom, medicine cabinet, makeup kit, and refrigerator/kitchen cabinet (expired canned/packaged foods, stale milk, leftovers) to see if they need to be trashed asap. Get rid of these items to avoid falling sick, or consuming/using a product that could cause harmful side effects. Replace these with fresh items to keep yourself and others who live in/come to your home, safe from harm.

Your surrounding environment influences the way you feel and act, thus, making you function accordingly. Knowing that you're going home after a rough day at the office to a house that is clean is a welcomed relief. So, what are you waiting for?
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