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How to Dispose of Used Cooking Oil

Sonia Nair May 6, 2019
Once used, cooking oil is either stored for reuse or is poured down the drain. Read this for a brief overview about the right methods to dispose of cooking oil.
Be sunflower oil, soybean oil or olive oil, cooking oils are almost indispensable and are found in every household. A wide range of food recipes require this ingredient. In order to deep-fry something, you need a good amount of oil. The problem is that deep-frying leaves you with a considerable amount of used cooking oil.
What happens to this oil? While some people reuse this oil after filtering, others dump it down the drain. But, do you know that this type of cooking oil disposal may result in clogging of the drains? There are various other methods that can be adopted for cooking oil disposal.

Cooking Oil Disposal

Now you know that disposing of cooking oil through the drain is not an environment-friendly gesture. So, you have to adopt some proper and safe methods for disposing of the same. If you are not aware of such methods, here are some guidelines about the same.

Make Use of Used Cooking Oil

● As many people do, the easiest way to dispose of used cooking oil is to reuse it for cooking. However, make sure that the flavor of the oil does not alter the taste of the dish.
You should not mix used oil with fresh cooking oil. So, store used cooking oil in a different container. You may freeze the oil, if it is intended to be used after a month or two.
● If you are not interested in consuming this oil, you may use it for other purposes. Used cooking oil can be reused for lubricating metal joints or wheels.
● This oil is also ideal for preventing rust on certain surfaces. All you have to do is to apply a coat of used cooking oil. This oil can also be used for making lamps.
● Another useful application of used cooking oil is on snow shovels. A coat of this oil on the shovel will prevent sticking of snow on it and also facilitate easy removal.
● If you have a compost bin in your yard, you may pour the used cooking oil into it. The oil will also decompose with other waste matter.
● You may mix used cooking oil with leftover food like, rice or bread and use it for feeding pigs or hens. If you don't have such animals at home, give it to any other person, who raise such animals.

Proper Disposal Methods

In case you want a proper way to dispose of used cooking oil and are not interested in any alternate uses, then you may resort to the given methods. Once the oil gets cool, pour it into zip lock pouches or containers with tight lids. Dispose it of in the trash. You may freeze the pouches or containers with oil, so that it doesn't spill.
If you have this oil in large amounts, take it directly to the landfill for disposal. As used cooking oil can be used for making biodiesel, you may contact somebody who is involved in making biodiesel. Don't opt for this method, if you have very small amounts of oil left.
Some of the restaurants may keep oil or grease bins for disposing used cooking oil. You may use these bins, if they allow you to do so. You may also take the oil to a recycling facility that takes used cooking oil.
These are some options you have, for disposal of used cooking oil. So, refrain from pouring the oil directly into the drain. You may adopt any of the aforementioned methods, that you think is the best way to dispose of used cooking oil.