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How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet in the kitchen can be annoying, producing a constant dripping sound. Thankfully, there are some ways by which you can solve this problem.
Liam Black Aug 7, 2019

Replace a Worn-Out O-Ring

The O-Ring is the seal that prevents water from leaking from the tap. If this ring becomes worn out, you’ll notice water leaking from the base of the tap every time you turn it on. Thankfully, it’s easy to replace the ring.
First, turn off the water of the sink. You should find valves to do this under the sink. Use a screwdriver to remove the cap and handle of the tap. Next, remove the valve from the sink using a wrench.
Finally, slide the valve back into place and re-attach the handle. You should be able to remove the old O-Ring, replacing it with a newer one. O-Rings are available at most hardware stores.

Replace the Washer

Often, the washer can get worn-out. This is because every time the tap is used, the pressure is placed on the washer. This is the main reason why faucets for kitchen leak. It’s also possible that the washer is not installed properly. There is an easy way to solve this problem.
To replace a washer, disconnect the flow of water to the sink. Then, remove the cap and handle, with a screwdriver. Use pliers to remove the stem. Apply lubricant if it’s too hard to extract. Remove old cartridge by unscrewing it.
When putting in the new cartridge, make sure you put it back in the same place. You should be able to purchase a replacement washer from the hardware store. Finally, you need to re-assemble the sink, putting all the elements back in their original places. You can find full technical information here.

Call a Plumber

If these tips don’t work, the problem may be complex. Then, you should call a plumber who will be able to find and fix the problem. While it can be expensive, getting the problem solved quickl will prevent the situation from worsening.
A leaky faucet for the kitchen can be costing you money. Thankfully, you now have the skills to prevent this from happening. So, replace your O-Rings and washers soon.