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How to Fold a Shirt

These Effortless Ways Will Teach You How to Fold a Shirt Cleanly

If you are not able to fit all your shirts into your wardrobe, then you may not be folding them properly. This article gives methods to fold shirts for packing or for storing them properly.
Suketu Mehta
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Shirts are a very common clothing item. People who do not know how to fold a shirt properly, are confronted with space issues when it comes to storing them or carrying them around while traveling. If shirts, or any clothing items for that matter, are folded properly, they can be stored easily even in a limited space.

Quick Shirt Folding for Travel

Step 1
Find a proper flat surface, like a table, on which you can lay your shirt fully open. Lay out the shirt in such a way that the buttons are on top and facing towards you. Using your hands, smooth out any wrinkled areas on the shirt and its extended arms, and button it up.

Step 2
Take the right sleeve and fold it cross-ways on the shirt in such a manner that the end of the sleeve (cuff) extends to the bottom seam on the left side. It is the same as placing your right hand on your left thigh. Again, smooth out any wrinkles that are formed.

Step 3
Take the right sleeve and fold it diagonally back from above the elbow area to below the shoulder area. Ensure that the sleeve seam and shoulder seam align together. After this, fold the whole right side area vertically, in such a manner that the shirt's side seam is placed on the button line in the middle. Follow the same procedure on the shirt's left hand side. If there are any wrinkles formed, smooth them with your hands.

Step 4
Carefully fold the shoulder and collar down, ensuring that no wrinkles are formed on the collar. Take the bottom of the shirt and fold it upwards until the fold is aligned with the cuffs. To get the fold size you want, simply fold the top and bottom halves together and smooth out any wrinkles that form.

Folding a Dress Shirt

Step 1
Find a flat surface to lay your dress shirt on and spread it out completely, buttoned up. The shirt should be kept in such a way that the buttons are facing downwards, on the table. Use your hands to smooth out any wrinkles formed.

Step 2
Take both sleeves and fold them back to the shirt's center, horizontally. The cuffs should be one above the other at the center. Ensure that you do not take the side seams in while folding. They should appear straight on both sides.

Step 3
Now fold both sides of the dress shirt to the middle. Take both the sleeves along with their side seams and fold them inside in such a manner that they meet below the collar. Make sure you fold them evenly on both sides.

Step 4
Fold the shirt lengthwise. Use both your hands to hold the shirt's bottom, and simply fold it to the top in such a way that the shirt's bottom meets the bottom of the collar. You can do multiple folds depending on the size you want.

It is always advisable to iron a shirt well before folding it, as this will make the process easier.