How to Get Rid of Ants

Wondering how to get rid of ants? These small insects can be really troublesome, so clearing them on time is essential. But, instead of using some chemicals or calling an exterminator, why not opt for some easy home remedies?
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If you are one of those people who are fed up of clearing the ants in their house or yard, then this article is for you. Ants can keep you busy and spoil the food in your house. You might just stay worried about the food items in your house due to these tiny pests. There are various types of ants that can be present in your house or yard. Instead of spraying the poisons to kill the ants (which you might be allergic to), here are some safe remedies.
Natural Options that Exclude Exterminator
You can clean the indoors using a detergent water. Dry the area properly. Also, keep the trash and dustbins out of your house. Seal up the cracks where ants are generally found. Keep the food properly sealed. Also, make sure that you clear up the dining tables regularly, so that no food is left. This will help clean out the existing ants and also reduce the chances of more ants entering your house. Now, you can use these remedies.
  • Vinegar:
    White vinegar is a classic way of getting rid of ants. Fill a clean spray bottle with vinegar and squirt it wherever these pests are present. Make sure that you cover all the areas and corners, including those of counter tops, windows, sink, etc.; basically wherever these creatures are present. Let it dry well, and the smell will go in sometime. You can also use apple cider vinegar diluted with water. Mix apple cider vinegar and water in equal amounts, and fill the mixture in a spray bottle. You must use this remedy 2-3 times a day.
  • Cornmeal:
    Cornmeal is the best ingredient that can be used to clear the ants. Just spread it over the areas where you find these insects. It is not at all poisonous, but the ants cannot digest it.
  • Mint Leaves:
    Crush some dried mint leaves, and spread them in areas where ants commonly attack, and at all the corners and entry points. This is definitely a very effective natural home remedy to kill these pests.
  • Table Salt:
    Here is the best way to get rid of ants. Use salty water to kill them. Boil water in a bowl and add enough amount of salt to it. Pour this in a spray bottle and squirt it in all the areas where ants usually attack.
  • Citrus:
    Here is the best home remedy to kill ants in your yard. The ant hills in your yard might just restrict your kid's play area, so try this. First, pour boiling water over the ant hill. Now, take citrus peeling and grind it in a blender. Add water to it, and blend well to make a solution. Pour it over the ant hills to get rid of them.
  • Boric Acid:
    Take boric acid (available in drug stores) and sugar in equal quantities and mix them. Put this mixture in a container, and add water to make a thick suspension. Place it in areas where ants are commonly present. You can also place it in the yard, near the ant hills. This is known to be a very effective remedy.
The aforementioned remedies are the perfect answer to your question. Just opt for one of them and get ready to kill the ants. Other ingredients, like black pepper, cinnamon, tea tree oil, dried peppermint, and bay leaves are also known to be effective in killing these insects.
Mixed Citrus Fruits
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