How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Sourabh Gupta Apr 14, 2019
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Carpet Beetles are deadly insects that eat almost everything that comes their way. Therefore, they are considered pests, just like termites, ants, chiggers, etc., and it is necessary to get rid of them.
Carpet Beetles are small, dark, oval insects that love to eat organic fibers and products. The most common type is the Black Carpet Beetle, a shiny black insect with brownish legs. They are about ΒΌ inch long and belong to the family of beetles known as dermestid. The four commonly found species are the black, the varied, the common and the furniture beetle.
Carpet beetles generally eat organic fabric and few other foods. They even feed on linen, cotton, and rayon, if the clothes are soiled with juices or animal excreta. These insects do not spare food items too, attacking cereals, stored grains, nuts, meal, etc.
Their infestations can cause various kind of allergies, that are generally induced by inhaling small hair that they shed. They have also been linked to spread some infectious diseases like Anthrax. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of these tiny devils.


Look for the Source

If you want to get rid of unwanted insects, not just carpet beetles, one of the foremost and essential step is to recognize the source from where they originated in that area. Search for fecal pellets and the shed skins of the larva.
These insects prefer to stay in dark, secluded areas like closets, basements, drawers, attics, storage boxes, etc. Also, inspect the area under floor carpets, rugs, and large pieces of furniture's.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Once you have identified the source spots, suck them out with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to suck out their babies too, because the stage of larva is most harmful to fabrics. It's because larvae feed on fabric.

Wash Fabric in Hot Water

The eggs are extremely resilient. You will need to wash all your infested fabrics in hot soapy water, if you want to permanantly get rid of the insects, their larva, and their eggs.

Boric Acid

Because of its ability to ward off or decimate almost every unwanted household insect, boric acid can be called a pesticide. It should be used cautiously, though. Boric acid is harmless to humans and works excellently to get rid of ants in the household.

Remedies Available in Market

In case after trying all these and one still faces resilience from carpet beetles, try treatments available in the market. Some of these treatments contain chlorpyrifos, bendiocarbs, and allethrin, that are very effective in controlling these insects. Find sprays and chemical powders which are used to control them.

Other Ways

  • Place all susceptible items in a freezer for a few days
  • Naphthalene balls or paradichlorobenzene (PDB) crystals, should be put in cloth storage areas, as they are a good impediment against carpet beetles
  • Remove all the birds' and bees' nests from the house, because they lay their eggs there too.
Never underestimate these tiny insects. Always inspect the secluded areas, carpets, and clothes regularly, to prevent them from multiplying. Remember that it's their larvae that are most harmful and not the adult beetles, so act quickly to destroy larvae when you find them. If they continue to return, seek professional help, i.e. pest control services.