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How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Kalpana Kumari Jun 30, 2019
Looking for methods on how to get rid of dust mites? Let's see some information about the same.
Dust mites (also referred to as HDM by allergists) are arthropods and belong to the class Arachnida, the same class spiders and ticks belong to, but are microscopic. They need a warm and humid atmosphere to grow.
The dead skin cells that people leave on their beds are sufficient to feed a large population of HDMs. Needless to say, their presence on causes a lot of trouble. Some people are even allergic to the feces of dust mites.

Getting Rid of Dust Mites

● Heat is the biggest enemy of dust mites, so kill them with high temperatures. Once in a week, wash mattress pad, pillow case, blankets, and the mattress and pillows, with water at 130°F temperature. It will make a huge difference.
● Frequent hot water washing may damage the bedding material. Try to buy bedding made with materials such as vellux, which can hold up well against regular hot water washing.
● Keep your pillows in a plastic bag and cover them with zipped pillow coves. This will protect them from HDM infection.
● You can do the same with the mattress as well. Place the mattress inside a plastic bag and then spread bed-sheets on it.
● Since you need to clean the bedding to get rid of mites quite often, use bed-sheets and pillow covers that are easy to wash. Mattress pads and pillow cases made of cotton or nylon are washable, and so, are the most suitable.
● Use mattress and pillows stuffed with synthetic material, such as foam. They restrict the growth of HDMs.
● Try to avoid feather and down pillows. They are not only difficult to wash, but provide an ideal shelter to dust mites.
● There can be many other things which are a shelter to HDMs and at the same time difficult to wash as well, e.g., stuffed toys which you keep in your bedroom for decorative purposes. In order to disinfect such items, place them in a plastic bag and freeze them overnight.
● Clean the bed with the help of a vacuum cleaner once a week. Frequent cleaning will not allow the dust mites to thrive.
● Expose your bedding to sun at least once in a month. This will keep the HDMs at bay.
● Try not to keep the bedroom warm and moist, as such a condition promotes the growth of HDMs.
● Carpets are the best hiding place of dust mites. Remove all the carpets from the flooring and clean the floor nicely.
● Wash the curtains of your bedroom doors and windows. A better option will be to replace the curtains with fabric made of vinyl.
● Dust mites cannot survive in cold temperatures. Make use of air conditioners and dehumidifiers to maintain lowest possible temperature in your room. On an average, a human can tolerate a temperature of 17°F and humidity level of anything below 35%.
● Use allergen sprays. Spray it in your house, and especially at the corners of the bed. It will kill the HDMs.
● There is bedding specially designed to keep away dust mites. Search for this on the Internet and use it if possible.
All the mentioned ways for getting rid of dust mites naturally are simple and easy to try, and will surely help you in pest control.