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Don't Know How to Get Rid of Roaches? Here are 5 Great Ways

How to Get Rid of Roaches
The article below tells you about some efficacious ways on how to get rid of roaches fast.
Kalpana Kumari
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Cockroaches, or simply roaches, are a hardy group of bugs that have evolved over millions of years to become resistant to as many menace as possible. It is very difficult to eliminate them from your house because of many factors. First of all, they have developed resistance to a large number of pesticides. Secondly, they reproduce very quickly. Thirdly, they can survive almost a month without food and water. However, you cannot just let them populate your house and make your life miserable. You need to kill them by all possible means. On that note, read the article below, which explains how to get rid of roaches.
Different Ways
The best way to eliminate these bugs without using chemicals is the use of a gecko. It is a harmless lizard that feeds on such insects. Bring one and let it loose in your house. It will eat the roaches and will reduce their population in a couple of day's time. When the gecko will not find enough bugs in your house, it will start its search for food outside. The hanging out of gecko more in the open indicates that your house is free of or has a very small number of these bugs. Under such a condition, you can feed the gecko on crickets that are easily available at any pet store. Keep the gecko for a few more days to completely eliminate the insects from your house.
Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous earth contains finely milled fossilized shells of microscopic organisms called diatoms. It is odorless and non-toxic. The diatoms have very fine, sharp edges. Upon contact or ingestion of the diatomaceous earth dust, the roaches' exoskeleton desiccate. After an hour or so, they dehydrate and die. This is how diatomaceous earth provides you relief. This particular method is one of the most effective and safe methods.
Try your level best to keep the floors, counters, cupboards, etc., clean and dry. Store eatables in glass jars or sealed plastic containers. Never leave a spill without wiping up with a wet cloth. Keep all electronic gadgets in your house, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms clean. Fix leaky spigots, if any. Spray your house with the killing compounds on a regular basis. All such things will definitely help you keeping the bugs at bay forever.
Boric Acid and Sugar
Put a small amount of boric acid. You may get it from a hardware or a pharmacy store. Mix the boric acid with equal amounts of sugar, cornmeal, or flour. Sprinkle this mixture around the corners of your house, especially in the kitchen, basement, and bathrooms. Place it particularly under sinks, on the sides of baseboards, behind the gas stove, etc. Do not leave any space where you find the bugs moving and hiding without a bait of this mixture. This mixture acts as a poison for them. They die within an hour or so after feeding on boric acid.
Sugar and Baking Soda
Make a mixture of sugar and baking soda in equal ratio. A quantity of one cup is sufficient. Put small amounts of this mixture in the corners of your house. When the insects feed on this mixture, the baking soda produces gas, which disturbs their digestive system. As a final result, they die. If you feel the need to, you may repeat the usage of this homemade mixture after a week or so.
Use one or a combination of these methods to get success in eliminating the vast majority of any roach population from your house. Once you are done with the elimination part, you should try your level best to keep your house clean and well-sprayed to prevent another infestation. Always, remember that with some care and management, you can make your house a bug-free and heavenly place to live in.