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How to Install a Garage Door Opener

Marlene Alphonse May 13, 2019
Even if you haven't ever done it before, installing an opener for your garage door is extremely easy and not difficult at all. Just follow the instructions given here that will guide you effectively through this task.
Thinking about upgrading the amenities at your house? May be you could try giving your garage a face lift too. When we say 'face lift', we don't mean just changing the color of the paint on the door or spring cleaning it. We mean automation! No more getting out of the car and opening your garage door before you park it in.
Enter 'electronically operated garage door openers'! These are extremely handy as they can be operated with the help of a remote control or by punching a code in the given keypad fixed on the wall. Another advantage to them is that they are secure. They are designed in such a way that no one except you can open them.
The professionals at a hardware store can help you install a garage door opener for you, or else, you could do it by yourself too. Here are tips that you should follow if you decide to install it by yourself.
▶ You will need a garage door opener, hammer, screwdriver, power drill, wrenches, and reinforcing steel. Before you start, make sure all the instruments required are available and in place. This should save you the time of running around, looking for things that you missed. First, remove the garage door off its hinges.
▶ Look for the instruction manual that you must have got along with the parts. It will direct you with the correct placement of the garage door opener. Assemble all the pieces of the rail together as per the instructions in the manual. Once this is done, connect the opener and the pulley assembly to the rail.
▶ Fasten the header bracket to the garage door firmly and connect it to a power supply unit. Insert the assembled rail to the power unit as well. Secure the idler pulley with the help of bolts.
▶ Now for the traveler to slide effortlessly, attach the chain and wrap it around the pulley. Secure both the ends of the chain with a retaining clip that has been provided with the other paraphernalia.
▶ After locating the center point on the garage door, install the mounting board. After mounting the header, attach the idler pulley assembly. Connect the wires from the door opener to the main power supply, but make sure that before you do this, the main power supply has been turned off.
▶ Install the sensors on the door by connecting the power supply to the main power. Next, connect all the parts together and fix the garage door back to its hinges. Once you have completed the task, restore the power supply and check if everything is working properly.
You must also be aware of troubleshooting garage door opener problems in case you face issues with the garage door opener.