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How to Install a Hidden Camera in Your Home

As an added security measure in the troubled times of today, many people bring home security spy cameras. Let's see how to install it in your home.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Dec 1, 2018
Spy cams are the new buzz words for home security. Especially when the crime rate and theft rate in cities are climbing an all time high. Not only does one need a surveillance camera for security, there are plenty of other reasons to bring home one too.
You can be suspicious about your next door neighbor who is acting a bit weird. Or maybe you are worried that the nanny is not taking care of your kids the way she should. Sometimes, spy cams help reveal cheating spouses and provide proof for a quick divorce. It is helpful to keep an eye on your kids when you are away from home.
A hidden camera in your house becomes your third eye, especially when you want to know what goes on behind your back while you are away from home. There are many online companies that mail you a hidden camera once you order it. Installation of a hidden surveillance camera in your home is very easy. All you need to do is follow the instructions given here.

How to Install a Spy Camera in Your Home

There are different types of spy camera's available. These include wired spy cameras and wireless spy cameras.
The wireless spy camera costs more than the wired one, for obvious reasons. A wireless camera works on radio frequency (RF) and thus may get disturbed if there are other devices like cell phones, satellite dishes, PC networks, etc. around it.
If you feel these radio disturbances will be a problem, you should go in for the wired cams. However, make sure you install these wired cams in such a location, such that people won't suspect the wires running through it.
Wireless cams may also have problems transmitting the data to their transmitter. Walls, furniture, distance, etc. all play a role in frequency transmission. Thus, consider the obstacles, before installing a hidden camera in your home.
Apart from the type, you need to decide if you want to record just the day time activities in house or get a night view as well. Thus, make sure you go for a low LUX rating camera that works best to record night activity as well. Now, that you have taken all the factors into consideration, you can choose the camera that needs to be installed in your home.
Now, that you have brought home your camera, unpack it carefully. Your camera package may contain an AC power adapter or a battery pack. It will come with an RCA video cable and a manual. You need to measure your cable length from the computer or television video-in jack.
Adjust the position of your camera or your control system according to the length of the RCA wire. Or else you may have to buy a longer wire. Now, connect the AC power adapter to the camera and plug it to an outlet. If you have a battery operated camera, you can insert the batteries inside the cam. Make sure all the wires are inconspicuous.
Once you have placed the camera in a location that is not obvious to the naked eye and the wires are well hidden, you can turn on the monitor or VCR/DVR and start recording and monitoring your home.

Installing Wireless Hidden Cameras in Homes

Wireless hidden cameras are very easy to install. All you need is a receiver that will transmit the images captured by the camera to the monitor or VCR/DVR. Attach the antenna to the receiver and connect the receiver to the TV monitor or VCR/DVR with the help of the cable provided. These cables are color coded yellow and red.
All you need to do is plug the right colors into the correct color hole present on your TV or VCR. Plug the AC adapter or insert the batteries into the camera. Switch on the device and start viewing and recording the happenings in your house through the wireless hidden camera.

How to Monitor and Record From the Hidden Camera in Your Home

After you have installed your hidden camera, it is better to test it before leaving it on for the real drama. You need to check the reception of the wired as well as wireless cameras. If you feel it is not clear or something is amiss, you need to adjust the receiver as well as change the camera location for a better view.
You can even connect your wireless spy cameras to a computer through the Internet. You need to download a software from the Internet for home cameras and install it to your PC. 
After installation, you can connect the video receiver to the computer. Now, leave the computer or laptop on and connected to the Internet at all times. This will help you access your web cam from any computer, laptop, web enabled mobile phone and PDA device.
Installing a hidden camera in your home does not require one to take lessons from the CIA. All you need to do is make sure all the cables, batteries, cameras, etc. are in place. Read the instructions manual carefully and follow them as directed.
However, it will be difficult to find instructions to install a hidden camera with audio as according to a Federal Law, such audio enabled cameras are available only to law enforcement agencies.
Install these surveillance cameras in your home and leave your worries to rest. These cameras will help monitor minute happenings in and around your house. Thus, making you and your family safe from intruders as well as bad influences.