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How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Shah Newaz Alam Nov 22, 2018
Cabinet hinges can give your modular kitchen a fresh look at a low cost. Let's see how to install them.
Hinges are considered as one of the greatest inventions in the mechanical field. They are used to connect two solid surfaces and allow a rotational movement between them. People often consider their installation as a cumbersome process, however, installing them does not require an expert.
You can simply complete the procedure by following a few simple steps. The basic tools required are similar to those required for any carpentry-based job.
You would need a hammer, wood chisel, screws, drill, and screw driver. A measurement tape and pencil is required for measurement and marking purposes.


You can divide the installation process in a few steps:

Step 1

Firstly, you need to mark the exact position where the hinge needs to be placed. Use the measurement tape to calculate the position with reference to the door. Place it exactly at the position and mark the outline using a pencil. Similarly, mark the position of the hinge on the door of the cabinet.

Step 2

Using the hammer and chisel, cut out the exact portion where the hinge should be placed. Do it for both the surfaces. This will give a better look.
If using a flush door hinge, it stays concealed behind the door and only shows its barrel. If this step is not followed, then the entire purpose of using it will go in vain.

Step 3

Now, you need to fix the screws. Mark the positions where you need to screw in. Carefully, drill the exact locations. Complete this step for both the surfaces.

Step 4

Once you are done with the drilling, screw the hinge at the marked position. Tighten the screws using the screwdriver.

Step 5

Once the task of installation is complete, move the door to check if the screws are properly tightened. If during the rotational movement of the door, you find that it is shaking, then probably the screws have not been tightened properly. If there is any hindrance in the movement, do some oiling.
Nowadays, a wide variety of hinges are available to choose from. Flush door, ball bearing, and knuckle are just a few of the types. Select the one which suits your requirement the best.