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How to Install a Soap Dispenser

How to Install a Soap Dispenser
In recent times, soap dispensers have taken over the toiletry market. There are no more soap dishes demanded; faucets are now furnished with soap dispensers for a highbrowed bathroom and kitchen decor.
Azmin Taraporewala
woman pressing the liquid soap
Gone are the days when soap cakes ruled the faucet, which looked and felt incomplete without the bar hanging there in the vicinity. It has been ages since we have seen this site. The statutory soap has lost its glory, becoming a veteran to the upcoming liquid soaps. One tends to ponder as to why the human race had to switch its mentality to adopting liquid soaps. This is indeed the era of liquid soaps and if you haven't been matching your moves with the trend, you may not be surprised to discover that you are still old school. Liquid soaps have succeeded to drown the bar soap market with thorough succession. Liquid soaps have been coveted as the inroad to hygiene.
There are no issues of cleanliness and there is no need for you to be the virtual investigator and analyze who laid their hands on the soap prior to your handling. Liquid soaps have bestowed a guarantee on users that the dollop of soap they use is fresh and untouched. It releases all doubts from the mind and helps one rest assured that their palms are not hosts to uncanny germs and bacteria. However, with the influx of liquid soaps, soap dispensers, too, made a grand entry. Without the dispensers, liquid soaps could not be drained out in an appropriate quantity. With dermatologists vouching for the clarity of liquid soaps, one is bound to get lured by the same.
Now is the time when one is all the more keen to possess a decor that spells subtlety yet sophistication. With the increasing number of households opting to not just spend but splurge the buck on getting a worthy bathroom and kitchen set up, one may not be flabbergasted to know that soap dispensers, too, play a role in adding that extra edge. If you have found a dispenser that fulfills the demand of your decor, then here is what you need to do.
Installing a Soap Dispenser
There are different ways in which you may like to see your soap dispenser installed. You may either install it with an adhesive or an adhesive tape or you may install it with screws. The sturdier one would be the one with screws, however, if you are running short of time, you might as well use the former methods for installation.
You Need
  • Extender/Expander
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Screws
  • Adhesive
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Drill bit
  • Liquid Soap
#1. Adhesive Method
1. In this method you need to take the extender meant to hold the dispenser.

2. With the extender's posterior facing towards you, place an adhesive with a dropper and attach it where you find it appropriate.

3. Press the extender hard on the site. Apply pressure and hold it in the same position for a minute.
4. Make sure that the extender is not crooked and is placed accurately. Readjust it if you think that the placement is not as per what you wanted.

5. Let the extender stand in place for at least a day or two.

6. Now place the dispenser into the extender.

7. After this is done you are free to pour the liquid soap with the fragrance of your choice.
#2. Adhesive Tape Method
1. With the back of the extender facing towards you, snip a length of adhesive tape from the tape roll. Peel off the adhesive protector film and stick it on the extender.

2. With the adhesive tape facing inwards towards the installation site; stick it right there.
3. Let it stay as it is; unless you need to reposition the holder.

4. Apply adequate force for a minute or so and gradually release your grip.

5. After 24 to 48 hours have lapsed, you could place the liquid soap dispenser in the extender, fill it up with the soap fragrance that you would like your palms to be pampered with and you are done!
#3. Screw Method
1. With the extender by your side, you may roughly decide the place where you want to install the dispenser.

2. When you have decided upon the location, get your drill bit out.

3. If the extender has an inbuilt hole size where you have to place the screws, then you may decide on the drill bit size according to the same.
4. Drill two holes taking the impression of the extender where the holes are given.

5. After the drill work is done, you may hit the screws in.

6. Install the expander on the screws and ensure that the screws are not tightened too hard.

7. The installation gets troublesome if the screw positioning is too rigid.

8. Place the dispenser and fill the container with the liquid soap that you prefer.
A tip that you may use while you are installing the dispenser is that you should always look out for a location that is close to the sink. This will not let the soap drip while pressing the dispenser and there would be no unnecessary wastage.