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Instructions on How to Install a Stained Glass Window Safely

How to Install a Stained Glass Window
Installing a stained glass window is not very difficult, provided you have the patience and perseverance. If you do, there is nothing stopping you from accomplishing the said task.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Caulking Gun
Glass windows deliver a sense of panache and sophistication to the area where they are installed. However, considering the effects that a glass window offers, all are in awe of them and want them installed. A factor that may deter the intentions of installing a glass window is its installation. One is bound to think that the installation task is bothersome and a lot of time has to be invested for the same. If you are not of this opinion, you are sure to hear a paraphrase of this statement from a professional technician. Well, I would like to believe and safely state that the task is not a very difficult one; you may afford to do this on your own and install a stained glass window. All you need is the material mentioned below and some perseverance. So, let's get started.
Installing Stained Glass Window
The material required to install a stained glass is given below. You may not possess all of these and you may have to look for them in the market. Carry this list when you make a trip to the market and slash out the material that you have purchased.
Material Required
Stained Glass Window
Putty Knife
Painter's Tape/Double-sided Adhesive Tape
Small Cloth or Toilet paper
Get Rid of the Stops
If you have a wooden frame, the stops are generally installed through nails. Thus, one needs to unbolt the nails and remove the stops gently. Ensure that you are gentle enough, so as to not break the stops or damage them in any way. If the material of the frame is vinyl, you may uninstall the stops by sliding a putty knife through the frame and the window edges. For a better judgment, mark the places from where the stops were removed.
Remove the Old Glass
When the stoppers are off, you are free to remove the window; and how do you do that? Well, it is easy. Take a putty knife and with the minuscule gap that exists in between the frame and the window, glide the knife. As a result of this step, you will have the tape slit off and the window would be off its edges. There are chances that the window may fall off from the other side. To be on a safer side and avoid messing up the procedure, have a friend or a family member to stand on the other side of the window. He will be able to hold it and prevent the breakage.
Preparation for Installation
When you have bought all the material and you are ready to install the glass window, make sure that you place the window after cleaning the window panes. For this purpose, a soft cloth or a toilet paper would be ideal. Before you start off with the installation, wear a mask and gloves so that you are not hurt by any pieces or any fragment that is chipped. Take the stained glass and hold it well to confirm that the glass fits the window pane well. Make sure that the tape that had been applied on the rim is slit off from the frame. There should be no reminiscence of the tape or any material pending from the earlier window frame.
Securing the Frame
When you are done with cleaning of the frame, apply a film of caulk. Make sure that the film you apply is consistent and is not too thick nor is it too thin. You will invite trouble by making the edges unsuitable for the installation of the frame.
Installing the Window
Now, as you have your window frame cleaned, you are ready to install the window with ease. With the caulk in place, you could place the stained glass window and press it lightly. With the painter's tape or a double-sided tape, strip one side of the adhesive foam and apply it thoroughly around the edges of the frame. After you are done doing so, place the stained glass in between the edges and attach the tape to the glass edges as well. When you see that the tape has been affixed, you may secure the tape well by pressing it thoroughly. Check if the surfaces are clean and do not have major marks or fingerprints showing through the window surface. Look out for traces of dust particle or finger prints at the edges. Clean them if they exist, as cleaning them post-installment gets tough.
Culmination Steps
When you are done, go onto the other side of the window and look for any discrepancies. Press the stained glass to affirm that it is secure from all sides and well affixed to the tape. If it is a wooden frame, you will have to fix the stoppers as well. With the marking, you can fix them as it is and have your stained window installed.
If you are unable to install the glass window all by yourself, you may well not get too worked up and have the procedure carried out with ease by letting a professional do the job for you.