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How to Iron a Shirt

Now Iron Your Shirt Like a Pro Would. We'll Tell You How To

Ironing a shirt is not complicated and can be learned quite easily. This HomeQuicks article provides you with easy to follow steps on how to do this.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
If you do not know how to iron a shirt properly, you will end up with burn marks on it. Therefore, let us start this HomeQuicks article with the preparation work needed for ironing your shirt. First of all, check out the label of the shirt, which will give you information about the type of clothing material it is made of. This label also carries instructions regarding the temperature to set the iron at so that you do not damage the garment.
Set up the ironing board in a clean area and the lay the shirt on it, with the chest side facing up. If the shirt is buttoned up, you will need to unbutton it. In case the shirt has wrinkled up after the wash, dampen it with some water before you iron it. If you are using a steam iron, then, you need to fill it up with distilled water to its maximum limit, and set the temperature level of the iron as recommend on the shirt label. Wait for a minute or two before you start doing the ironing. For your convenience, it is advisable to divide the shirt into different sections and iron each of them separately.
Ironing Process
Lay the collar of the shirt straight on the ironing board and iron the inside portion first. Start from the tip of the collar and move the iron inwards. Then turn it over and iron the other side in the same manner. After that, fold the collar as you do when wearing the shirt and move the tip of the iron over the fold.
The yoke is the section of the shirt that joins the collar and the body of the shirt. You should take one shoulder at a time. Slide the shirt to the narrow end of the ironing board and place it with the inside face of the yoke up and iron it. You may have to move the iron on this area twice if the wrinkles are too much. Some people find it easy to iron the yoke by buttoning up the collar. Repeat the process for the other shoulder.
While ironing the sleeves, care has to be taken that the existing crease be kept intact. Place one sleeve along the length of the board with the front side up and iron the inside and the outside area at the end first. Then iron from the cuff towards the shoulder, and again move the iron down to the cuff. Similarly, iron the back side of the sleeve as well. The same method of ironing has to be repeated for the other sleeve.
Body of the Shirt
The easiest part of ironing a shirt is to iron its body. Lay out the front panels and begin ironing one panel from the area near the collar and go up to the seams. If the shirt has got a pocket, then it should be ironed first. Once you are done with the main section of both the front panels, use the tip of the iron to work on the areas that lie in between the buttons. Next is the back part of the shirt. Turn the shirt over and spread it completely and then iron. It will be easier if you divide the back part into two halves, and iron each half at a time.
Make sure that the iron is heated properly. It is important because if the temperature is too low then the wrinkles will stay on the shirt whereas too much of heat will ruin the shirt with scorch marks. Do not go for a tea break in between ironing a shirt or else ugly burn marks are bound to appear on the shirt. After ironing, hang or fold the shirt properly, to prevent wrinkles from forming again. Button shirt when you place it on the hanger, or while folding, to maintain the shape of the shirt.