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How to Keep Flies Away

Megha Tiwari Jan 22, 2019
Are you fed up with the flies and want to know how to keep flies away from your house? Read on to know some tried-and-tested methods!
Musca domestica, or the house flies, have been pestering us for the last sixty-five million years, and now they have become permanent residents of our house. They have started living wherever human beings live.
Though these flies do not bite, it does not mean that they are good companions or does not alter the fact that they carry pathogens. They have been responsible for causing innumerable diseases by chucking up their digestive juice on the stuff and then eating it away.
Their favorite food to eat and to lay eggs on is decaying organic matter, which spreads diseases. However, there are some ways by which you can get rid of these pests from your home.

Maintain Hygienic Environment

What attracts flies? This question must be answered before using any method to throw away the flies out from your house. These insects love decomposed organic matter, so do not allow such material to gather around. For this, you need to seal the garbage can properly, and if possible, keep it as far as possible from the house.
If you find that the garbage has been infested with maggots or some spoiled food is kept inside the house, then it should be immediately thrown away. If you have a dog or any pet, give it a daily bath and keep the surroundings hygienic. Cleaning up the area where your pet generally hangs out can also help you keep the flies away.

Fly Traps

You can find a variety of traps in varied size and shape. If the flies are less in number, then fly-papers can work. 
Other than this, ultraviolet trap can also be effective, as the flies are attracted by the UV rays and get zapped as soon as they come inside. Baits like sugar, fruit, molasses, and meat can be used at a distance of thirty feet from each other to catch hold of flies.

Water-Bag Trick

Fill half of the plastic bag with water and hang it on the entrance of the house or on the window. This bag will stop the flies from entering the house. This may sound a bit funny, but it does work and it might be the solution you're looking for.
There are many theories that are assumed to be associated with it. Some say that the reflection of the water disorients them and diverts them, while according to some, its reflection creates a mirage that looks like a cobweb to the flies so they avoid entering through that way.

Seal Entry Points

The flies can get inside through even a small hole in any corner of your house. So, all such entry points should be sealed with the help of a sealant, like caulking.
Screens or any other ventilation spot that has wire or pipe-type of frame should be sealed. The doors and windows should not be left open for the flies.


The insecticides should be used only when you have tried all the other methods, as they can have certain ill-effects on human health. Moreover, the spay should be done by the professionals.
Generally, permethrin or dichlorvos are used as a spray for the flies. This is a permanent solution if you are thinking of how to kill flies without much effort.
Other than these methods, nature has blessed us with many plants that can help rid flies from your home by repelling the insects and flies with their color and odor. Here is a list of a few effective anti-pest plants for you.
  • Citronella grass
  • Catnip
  • Rosemary
  • Marigolds
  • Peppermint
  • Garlic
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea tree
  • Lavender
One actually does not realize that the flies invade our homes just because of our carelessness. Searching for solutions to get rid of flies is fine but keeping food properly covered is the first and the simplest way to keep the flies away.
Cleaning up the dishes with vinegar or citronella candles would keep the flies away, as the smell bothers them. Clean the surroundings regularly, do not let water stagnate, do not leave food out in the open, and dispose spoiled matter immediately.
Imbibing these habits in the daily routine will definitely work in your favor. You can even call for professional pest control units to handle this problem if it goes out of control.