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How to Kill Mites

Bidisha Mukherjee Jun 30, 2019
Mites are a matter of serious concern for many people whose house has been infested. Here you will get to know about some safe and easy methods to kill mites in house.
There are different types of mites that are found in our homes. Among them, dust mites are the most common type of mites. They are a microscopic form of bugs that live on the dead skin cells of humans and animals. As the dead skin cells are mostly found on our bedding, pillows, stuffed toys, furniture, carpets, etc., dust mites are found maximum in them.
Then there are spider mites that feed on houseplants. Ear mites are found on the pets in your house. These mites are not dangerous for our health but they cause allergies. For these reasons, people are keen to know how to kill mites.

How to Kill Mites Naturally?

When your home is infested by mites, try to avoid use of chemicals to kill them because they can cause harm to the children and pets in your house. Here are some natural ways to get rid of any kind of mites from various parts of your house:


This is the easiest method to kill mites from pillowcases, blankets, linens, sheets, clothes, bedding of your pets, etc. Use hot water and its temperature should be as high as 130°F or more.
Even a good washing will not be able to kill the mites unless and until the water used for washing is not hot. Add some eucalyptus oil along with the detergent into the hot water for better results. This procedure should be repeated once in every two weeks.


Freezing is the best option available to kill mites in pillows. There are some other items like the stuffed toys, cushions, etc which cannot be washed but they also have dust mites in them.
Place those items in plastic bags and put them inside the freezer for the whole day. Then take them out and you will find that most of the mites are killed. Repeat it once again if required.


Dust mites hate the warmth of sunlight. On a sunny day put up all the blankets, pillows, cushion and such other items out in the sun. Hang them all in clothesline and beat up with a broom so that all the dust mites as well as dead skin debris will fall off. 
Cages and bedding of your pet can also be put up in the sunlight to kill the mites.

Killing Mites on Pets

When mites invade your pets like cats and dogs, then they mostly affect their ear canals. It is the same type of mites that infect both cats and dogs. The presence of ear mite inside the ears cause them irritation which may lead to ear infection.
A solution of vinegar and water can be used as ear drops to kill ear mites. Over-the-counter medicines are also available that can be used to kill mites on dogs & cats. However, if sores have formed then you should take pet to the veterinarian, who may prescribe antibiotics to treat the mites.
If you have a pet rat, inspect the body of the rat regularly to detect mites. If you find signs of mites, then it is advisable to visit a veterinarian. Do not try to use medicines that are used for dog or cat treatments. Veterinarians often administer sprays that can kill mites on rats.

Getting Rid of Mites on Plants

Spider mite is a kind of pest that live on the leaves of the plants. They can cause extensive damage to the plant and hence they need to be killed.
A mixture of alcohol and water is one of the best natural made insecticides. Mix equal quantities of water and mixture and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture all over the infested plant with special attention at the bottom of the leaves. This is because spider mite are found more under the leaves.
In order to prevent further recurrence of mite infestation, you have to keep your house thoroughly clean all the time. For this purpose, you have to vacuum every nook and corner of your house regularly.
Maintain your house at a low temperature and humidity, because mites enjoy a warm and humid environment. To protect your plants from mites, ensure that you give them adequate amount of water, as dryness of plants promote growth of mites on them.