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How to Make a Small Spaced Apartment Look Big?

Muneeza Jamal Dec 19, 2019
If you are living in a small apartment, you might be looking for good ideas to make your space look big. We are here to share such amazing tips that will surely make your small apartment look spacious.

1. Design the Ceiling

When you enter an apartment, the beautiful wallpaper on the ceiling need to be eye-catchy. This will make your apartment look bigger. Find an attractive and colorful wallpaper for your ceiling.

2. Higher Shelves

Design high shelves, touching the ceiling. This will draw the eye upward, making the room look taller. Moreover, this will increase the storage space. You can design book shelf this way.

3. Hanged Curtains

Use of highly hanged curtains, above than the window. This will make your apartment look bigger. You can buy attractive curtains matching the wall paint.

4. Paint the Walls

The wall paint also has a positive effect on the illusion of the room. The dark-colored paint walls make the room appear cozy. Light shade colors absorb the light and makes the room feel airy and bigger.

5. Dark Corners

Try to adjust the furniture in such a way that no corner remains free. The open dark corners make the room feel smaller. You can also add decoration pieces, racks, and shelves.

6. Place at Different Angles

When the furniture is kept at an angle from the wall, it makes the room look bigger. The empty place around dining table is a good example. Streamline furnitures in a flow.

7. Multi-Purpose Items

The multipurpose items can increase storage space and can be adjusted in small apartments. Such items offer multi functions and reduce the need of different products.

8. Big Furniture

It is assumed that small space requires small furniture. But use of few large pieces in small space makes it look bigger. A single big couch is better than two or three small ones.

9. Stripped Floor

Stripped floor or the rugs of such design will give a streamlined look to any room. Such elements make the room look bigger.

10. Dramatic Artwork

Small apartment doesn’t mean that it can’t look dramatic. You can use dramatic art designs on your gallery wall. The use of different colors will make your room look deep and big.

11. Uncovered Windows

Keep your windows uncovered. This will make your room look deep through natural light.

12. Optical Illusions

Mirrors can make your room look bigger. The reflection will give a feeling of a spacious room. So, don’t forget to install mirrors.


These are some of the tips which will give a spacious feeling to your apartment. If you are struggling to find a nice apartment in Austin, try searching through an apartment locator Austin website. Sites such as TXHighrisers.com will help you.