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How to Make a Charcoal Chimney

How to Make a Charcoal Chimney

When you want to get the charcoal heated up quickly, a homemade charcoal chimney can be helpful. Read how to make a charcoal chimney in this article, and make one for yourself...
HomeQuicks Staff
Disclaimer - This article is provided for informational purposes only. As this article has given instructions on working with few dangerous items, tools, and/or equipment, caution is advised. If you are under 18, seek parental guidance before reading and following the instructions mentioned in the article.

Whether you grill steak, seafood, chicken, or vegetables, the taste is undeniably exquisite. The open grilling is a fantastic way to prepare various kinds of foods. Whether you're hosting a barbecue for family and friends or wish to cook your favorite recipe, a charcoal grill is always the best choice. To use the grill, the use of charcoal is definitely important and to heat this charcoal, many people make use of charcoal lighter fluid. Although this is a convenient way to heat up the grill to reach the cooking temperature, there are certain drawbacks of using this method.

One of these drawbacks, however frequent it may be, the taste of the lighter fluid can be tasted on the food being cooked on the grill. Also, since you are using a chemical starter, you have to be very careful while lighting the charcoal afterward. Some people don't know the exact quantity of lighting fluid that needs to be added to a certain amount of charcoal; and when these measurements are miscalculated, you are inviting risks of an open, uncontrollable fire. In such cases, you can instead use another method of lighting charcoal and heating the grill to the cooking temperature - by preparing a homemade charcoal chimney. As you read the rest of the article, you will find the necessary steps to build one on your own.

Make a Charcoal Chimney at Home

Even though you can purchase a commercial charcoal chimney from a home center department store, making one at home will save you a lot. In order to make a chimney at home, you will require few items. Get barbecue gloves, big metal coffee can, church key, 2 wire coat hangers, drill machine with 1/8'' drill bit, needle nose pliers, diagonal cutter, and a can opener.
  • First and foremost, wear the barbecue gloves before you begin. Make sure the coffee can is big enough to hold charcoal in and is cleaned properly from the inside. Remove the outer label off the can.
  • Take the can opener and remove the sealed end. When you had used the coffee can before, the top lid must've been removed with the other side still intact.
  • Now we take the church key. With it, make several triangle-shaped holes on one end of the can. Make sure each hole is at least 2'' away from each other.
  • Go 3'' above the triangle-shaped holes and mark the spot. Take the drill machine and make 2 sets of eight holes; total 16 holes.
  • We want at least ¾'' of space between two holes in a pair. A good way to begin is by using a marker and measuring tape to be exact.
  • Next, we will drill holes for the chimney's handle. Drill 2 sets of 2 vertical holes which are above the 2 sets of eight holes we just made.
  • Now we take the wire coat hangers and start inserting them in the 2 sets of eight holes we made. But first, straighten the wire with the help of needle nose pliers.
  • Also, depending on the size of the coffee can we're using, we need to cut exact length of wire hanger so that they are inserted easily from each hole.
  • Use the diagonal cutter to cut the wire coat hanger into exact sized pieces. Insert one piece through one of the holes and use the pliers to form a hook shape (twist from the top of the piece).
  • Insert this twisted part through the other hole which is a part of the pair and again twist it inside the can. This way, the wire won't move from its place.
  • First we need to make an X shape inside the can and another wire going through the X.
  • This makes 3 pieces of wire. Then insert 3 more pieces of wire going horizontally across the X shape. Make sure you twist each wire from the inside or else it won't hold the charcoal in.
  • Once finished, use the rest of the wire to make the handle for the chimney. Follow the same steps we did for inserting and hooking the wire properly.
Fill the chimney with charcoal to make sure that it can hold it. These were the steps on how to build a chimney at home. To light it, place a piece of newspaper underneath the charcoal chimney with one end coming out of the triangle-shaped hole. Light the paper and let the charcoal to heat up thoroughly. Once the charcoal is ready for you, dump it on the grill and begin cooking.
Required Things for Making Charcoal Chimney
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