How to Move a Refrigerator Without Scratching Wooden Flooring

Tulika Nair Dec 3, 2018
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Does your kitchen have wooden flooring that is in perilous danger because you need to move your refrigerator around? Here's how you can move a refrigerator without causing unnecessary damage to your wooden flooring.
Wooden flooring is attractive and aesthetically suited to most decor types. Wooden flooring is also generally very durable and not affected by daily wear and tear. But try moving heavy furniture across wooden flooring and you will see how easily it can get damaged, especially in cases of appliances like refrigerators.
Moving a refrigerator can be quite a pain and trying to do the same without damaging your flooring can make it an even bigger, seemingly insurmountable task. But with the help of a few tips, you should be able to move your refrigerator without scratching the flooring in your house.

Steps to Move a Refrigerator

In order to actually shift the position of your refrigerator, you need to know that it would be impossible to do so without the help of at least two other people.
Refrigerators are heavy and if you do not want to scratch the wooden flooring of your kitchen while moving the fridge, it is imperative to have help. While moving a refrigerator, it is mandatory to have a pair of gloves, some planks of plywood, a refrigerator dolly (which you will need to hire), a broom, and a dustpan (for cleaning up afterwards).
Once you have everything that you need, just follow these tips.

It is important to have enough protection for the wooden flooring. For this you may first need to place protective floor mats and then place plywood planks throughout the room for added protection. Ensure that the planks are placed close together so that there is no actual flooring exposed.
In order to move the refrigerator in the room, you will need to seek the help of a couple of people. It is important to guide the refrigerator through the room properly so that you do not hit any other furniture in the room.
Before you actually start shifting the refrigerator you will need to remove all its contents and ensure that it is not still connected to the electrical outlet. Emptying it out will make it considerably lighter and therefore, easier to move.
Move the refrigerator onto the dolly that you have hired. The refrigerator dolly comes with a strap that needs to be pulled around the back of the unit. Pull the strap around it and then tighten it properly. This allows you a lever like advantage over the unit making it easier to pull the refrigerator onto the dolly.
All you need to do is pull the dolly's handle backwards.
The moment you pull the handle backwards, the refrigerator slides onto the dolly and is pulled out from its position.

Now start moving the dolly to the new position for the refrigerator. Ensure that you move it only over the plywood planks and not on the wooden flooring.
Once you have reached the position affixed for the refrigerator, you can place the refrigerator on the wooden flooring again.

Remove all the planks of plywood that you have placed around the room and sweep the floor completely to eliminate the dust from the plywood planks.
If you do not have access to any protective flooring mats, you can choose to use old bed sheets or even newspapers instead and then cover these with plywood planks. If the refrigerator is leaking water, then remember to mop it up immediately so that no water damage is caused to your wooden flooring.
Moving a refrigerator without causing any scratches on the floor is an easy enough task as long as you know how to do it and you have enough muscle power to help you out.