How to Organize a Basement

Basements are usually unorganized and messy with things dumped haphazardly. But, if you want to know how to organize a basement to make it look presentable, read into the article coming up.
HomeQuicks Staff
When we want to remodel the living room or bedroom with new furniture, the old sofas, beds, chairs, lamps, etc. are stacked into the attic or basement (as you don't want to get rid of it). When children grow up, their old clothes, toys, books and room accessories are also put into the basement as that is the best storage option. But when there are so many things literally dumped into the basement, the room is going to look unorganized. This can lead to utter confusion, chances of pests, and an unhygienic surrounding. Won't it be an easier job, if you organize your basement in such a way that it is used as storage and looks neat as well? There are many ways in which you can organize your basement, with covered storage ideas (closets, cabinets, etc.) to avoid visible mess. In the paragraphs below, we have put together tips on organizing a basement. Take a look and use them for your benefits.
Clean Out the Basement
The first step for finding out how to organize a basement is to clean it inside out and then make arrangements to organize it. There are various old things that have been collected in your basement for years, which need to be emptied, sorted and discarded. Thus, if you want to organize your basement and make it a bit more presentable, you need to clean it out and give up things which are not required. Segregate these items into different categories, such as; clothes, furniture, toys, electronics, appliances, hardware, etc. Separate the smaller items in boxes, and the larger ones individually. Sweep the basement, swab the floors, remove the mildew, mend and paint the walls/ceiling, and spray some room freshener before you start organizing the basement.
Use Extra Storage Ideas
The next thing you can do is use some extra storage ideas, which are convenient and efficient. Even though the basement is a place where you can store all the unwanted things in the house, storing them in a neat and tidy manner could make the basement look presentable. Since, there is a lot of room in the basement, it is essential to use it appropriately by adding some interior designing ideas. Some of the most systematic storage ideas are closets, wardrobes, cabinets, chests, etc. that can accommodate old clothes, boxes and toys which are easier to fit in smaller areas.
Walk-in closets with sliding doors or room dividers can help you store bigger unused furniture in a closed area. You can mend your old furniture, redesign and polish it, change the upholstery or cushions, and make additional storage inside it. Sofa beds, storage beds and adjustable furniture can be created from old furniture in order to save space and store unused things. Arranging your basement components in enclosed storage is surely the best way to organize a basement, as they don't look messy. This is how to finish a basement and give it a stylish touch.
Install New Flooring
Basement floors are usually unmaintained and unclean, which can cause problems like cracks, rough patches, and crevices. This can lead to risks of pests entering the basement, and eventually the house, creating menace. Thus, if you want to keep your basement and home away from such problems, you can install a good basement floor. There are various basement flooring options such as; wood, concrete, stone, tiles, etc., that will not only make the area look attractive, but also protect the floor from damage. If you don't want to reinstall a new floor, you can simply fill in the crevices, correct the damages and clean, paint or polish the original floor. When the floor of the basement looks good, it gives the entire room an organized look.
With these helpful tips, you must have got an idea of how to organize a basement and make it look neat and attractive. We usually spend a lot of money in designing and decorating our home interiors but ignore the basement. In fact, along with designing other rooms of the house, you could even remodel the basement to get an additional room to hang out in!
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