How to Organize a Closet

If you're looking for some tips on organizing a closet, then read this article. You'll get some much-needed help.
If you're a girl, then I'm sure you've had eyes rolled at you for the sheer number of clothes and shoes and accessories and other 'stuff' that fills your closet to the point of its doors not shutting without a gentle (or not so gentle) shove. And though you keep saying to yourself almost daily, that you will get to organizing your closet, you rarely 'find the time'. I'm not judging you, so relax. Been there, done that. What I will say to you, though, is that if you're looking for some help, then that's what you'll get here.
Get it Built
One of the best ideas for a closet organizer is to have a shelving system. That is, have a closet that has multiple shelves, as opposed to just one big and one small one. When you have more sections in your organizer, you can place each of your items separately. Label each shelf with the name of the item/s that need to be placed in it. That way you cannot forget. And make it a point to stick to the label codes. Soon, you'll be reaching out for the correct items, even with your eyes closed.
Space it Out
One of the most common complaints that we have is of how cluttered the room looks because our closet occupies too much space. Get a closet with a sliding door and see the difference it makes. One, it saves space within the room. And two, it also keeps your closet neat and compact. You can't really hang stuff on sliding doors, so that takes away the trouble of the door not closing. Plus, closets with sliding doors have limited storage options, so you'll have to sift through all the unwanted stuff and get rid of it, which solves the hoarding problem too!
Get Rid of Stuff
One important step that must be taken before organizing a closet, is getting rid of stuff you don't need. So, begin by removing each and every piece of whatever there is in your closet. Shoes, stationery, clothes, hats, jewelry, books, etc., whatever there is. Keep them in separate sections of your room. Once the entire closet is empty, dust and clean it out thoroughly. Then, one by one, visit each pile that you've placed in each side of the room. Go through every little thing, and difficult though it may seem, decide on what you really need and what you don't. It can be tough, especially if you haven't done this in a while. You will definitely have fond memories attached to some of the items, but you must realize that they are merely space fillers. Think of it this way, the more space you make in your closet by getting rid of old stuff, the more space you'll have for the new stuff that you will go shopping for the next time! Once you've gotten rid of the unwanted stuff, you can organize your closet by color, or by fabric, or any other way you want. Just make sure you have a pattern and stick to it.
Don't you think organizing a closet is so easy now? All you need is some time and a lot of determination. So go ahead and get your closet organized at once!
Large Closet with Shelves
Wardrobe with few Clothes in It
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