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How to Organize Computer Cable Clutter Effectively

How to Organize Computer Cable Clutter Effectively
Messy cables can be a real pain; not only do they look hideous, they also make it impossible for you find a particular wire. Sort out the mess instantly with things you can easily spot around your house.
Cyna Bhathena
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Messy Desk?
Are your charging cables and USB cords one jumbled mess on your computer table? Fret not, all you need is a handful of paper clips. Simply clip one to the edge of the table, and pass the cable through the circular end of the clip. Your job's done!
Wire hassles are a common problem for everyone these days. The gigantic clutter under your desk can really make you break a sweat. If you're like me, the odds are that you're probably fixing it once and are never going to look down at it till something stops working, or if you're irritated searching for your charging cable in that stuck-up maze of cables. So, we at HomeQuicks have listed out a few easy fixes that you can manage with things readily available at home, without investing eons of time.
Things You Will Need
✔ Zip ties are a lifesaver, whereas rubber bands are more of a temporary fix. Though personally, I don't prefer them because they obviously don't hold the wires that well. Plus, a little tension and the cable goes slack. Last of all, if you forget about them and visit the cable a year or so later, the rubber loses its elasticity and goes somewhat gooey (ew!). So yes, you really don't want that.
Stationery to organize cables
Stationery to organize cables
✔ Some people opt for Velcro as well. I suppose it's a good alternative when we're talking about the bulky and unruly cables because you don't want to secure them too tight with those zip ties, so a Velcro serves as more of a comfort fit. That said, I still use zip ties, and it works just fine for me.

✔ Needless to say, while you're down to messy business, you might as well clean up. An absorbent, moist, spongy cloth works like a charm. But, keep it very very mildly moist; you don't want any wet business with cables. Colored tapes and tissue rolls are handy with wires as explained below.
How to Organize Computer Wires
I. Power Off

✔ This one's really a no brainer, but then again, I remember having made the mistake more than once at least. Be safe, and remember to unplug the power supply; not just switch it off.

II. Unplug the Cables

✔ Unplug all the cables from the units. This should be easy, provided you're well-versed with the connections.
✔ If this is the first time you're looking at your CPU's rear end, probably noting down the connections, or least taking a nice look at it is a good idea. However, it anyway shouldn't be rocket science to figure it out by yourself.

III. Clean the Cables

✔ Use the cloth to wipe the cables clean of any dust, or other stuff stuck onto it.
✔ Clean only the central portion; leave the connection ends untouched.
✔ Cleaning the desk is also a good idea, though not a mandatory requirement.

IV. Label the Wires

✔ This is a very small yet important step. In future, if the cables get entangled, at least you'll know which is which. You can use Cable IDs and other funky stuff available in the market.
✔ Alternatively, you can just go in for different color tapes. Simply roll a small portion of the tape on both ends of wire while using different colors for different wires.
✔ If you're a guy, then you probably don't have colorful tape lying around. In which case, you can use stick-ons instead of tape, and color the stick-ons with a marker; again, use a different color for each wire.

V. Wind the Cables

✔ Now begin winding the cables neatly.
✔ To make sure that you don't end up tying too much wire, roughly check how much extra wire you would need for the specific connection, and wind up the rest.
✔ Use the zip tie to secure the cables. Ensure that it's not too tight and at the same time, it's not slack enough to open up.
✔ Extra cables that you don't require on an everyday basis can be wound up and kept away for now. If you have bulky extras, use the empty tissue roll to secure the same. That way, it won't mess around with other things in your drawer. If your just chucking out all the extra cables, you can secure all of them with a zip tie first and then keep them together inside the tissue roll. It's the neatest way to do away with clutter for sure!

VI. Reattach All Cables

✔ Now that you've cleaned, labeled, and tied up the cables, you can proceed with reattaching them. Once you've double-checked all the connections, switch on the power supply.
Quick Tip
All of us know that despite everything, tons of neatly wound wires when shoved together still look like a nasty mess. To avoid this unpleasant appearance, use the non-visible areas well. Hide the cables behind any surface so that they're not easily visible.
DIY Cable Holder
You can easily make a cable holder that neatly stashes away all those ugly cables in nearly 2 minutes! All you need is a fat-headed nail, a hammer to tuck it in, and a paper clip.
Nails, Hammer and Paper clips
✔ A paper clip has two tongs for you to hold it with.
✔ Each tong has a circular loop.
✔ Grab a wide-headed nail, and place it through one of the circular loops.
✔ In this fashion, hammer the nail into the wall. When you're hammering it, the paper clip should be dangling on one of its ends. Ensure that the free end of the paper clip is facing you and NOT towards the wall.
✔ When the nail is secured completely into the wall, the paper clip will be held tightly to it.
✔ Now you can open the clip from the free end, place the wires inside, and close it!