How to Organize a Small Room

Everyone wants a cozy, clean, and clutter-free room where everything is easily accessible. This article lists some tips to organize your small room in the best way possible.
HomeQuicks Staff
If not organized properly, a small room can seem very haphazard, claustrophobic, and unlivable. It's the same whether it's a living room, a bedroom, or a laundry room in your house. You want your small room to be comfortable, convenient, and beautiful. Here are some tips to guide you in organizing it.
The first thing you need to do is get rid of the things that you don't need. Most of us rarely throw away clothes or shoes that we've spent huge amounts of money on even if we haven't used the item for years. Get rid of all such stuff, be it books, shoes, clothes, stationery items, technology items, old toys, faded and spoiled furnishings, broken jewelry pieces, old DVDs, and all those other things that you know you're never going to use. You can donate the things that are still in good condition. This way you won't feel bad giving them up.
Start dividing everything you're going to keep into various categories. Clothes, shoes, furnishings, books, DVDs, and jewelry are some categories you can make. By categorizing, you will know how much storage space you need.
Add a Closet
If you do not have enough storage, get a new closet. Go for a closet which has lots of small shelves, drawers, as well as a place to hang clothes so that you can store a variety of things in it. In your closet, stack all the items that otherwise lie around in the room or which you have stored in baskets and other small containers.
To organize a small kid's room, you can buy some plastic containers and store their small toys, undergarments, socks, and craft items separately in these and then keep them in a closet. Getting a bookshelf is also a good idea. Keep the books that the kids use often on the lower shelves and those which they rarely use on the upper shelves. If the bookshelf has a closed top, you can utilize it for keeping blankets, and bed sheets.
Add Shelves
In case you have a lot of other stuff to keep, it is suggested that you add shelves on the walls. In rooms where a closet cannot fit, adding shelves to the walls is a good alternative. You can keep some decorative baskets and store various items in them. Preferably, add these shelves near the ceiling so that they do not take up floor space. On higher shelves, store items that you do not use frequently.
Re-arrange the Furniture
For a small living room or a bedroom, a good idea is to re-arrange the furniture in such a way that the entire room looks spacious. Also, make sure that you only have the basic furniture items in the room. While choosing furniture pieces, go in for sleek ones instead of bulky pieces. A small bedroom should have a bed, closet, and a side table. A living room should have a sofa and a central table. Besides these pieces, try not to get any other items to prevent cluttering.
Keep it Clean
Once the room is organized, clean it. Vacuum the rug, dust the furniture, and clean the floor. Keep a dustbin and a laundry basket in the bedroom so that you don't end up with a pile of clothes a few days later. Every weekend, devote ten to fifteen minutes to clean the room. De-clutter the room every six months, this will ensure that the room stays organized.
If you are thinking of repainting the room or adding new furnishings, choose lighter shades as they will make the room appear much bigger than it actually is. A bigger room looks cleaner and more organized than a smaller one.
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