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Tips for Organizing a Girl's Room

Tips for Organizing a Girl's Room

Is your room messy and you have people visiting you, then use these tips for organizing your room real quick...
Pragya T
Room organization is something we have to deal with from time to time. However, sometimes due to laziness or a hectic schedule our rooms tend to get cluttered, messy, and dirty. Also, what if somebody comes to your room all of a sudden and finds that you are living in a garbage pile. Not a very good thought I guess! Here are tips to organize a room (for girls); which are based on my experience that will help you quickly transform your room from a garbage pile to a neat, shiny, and beautiful space.

How to Clean Your Room?

First of all, you need to learn to clean your room fast. So, how to go about it? Okay, first of all put on some high-beat music to keep you going through the uninteresting cleaning part. Once you are done with your playlist, dress up. Wear a bandanna to cover your head, another bandanna to cover your mouth and nose to avoid the dust. Wear old, breezy clothes.

Now, don't be a pack rat and try to save everything that you don't even use. This is an important step in learning to stay organized. So, discard, discard, and discard some more. Get rid of stuff you never use, get rid of stuff you are not going to use, and get rid of stuff which is completely worn out. This will greatly help you to clean the clutter. Give stuff away for free or throw it in garbage.

Now, take out all the stuff from the closet, shelves, and all the stuff lying in your room. Place it on your bed and wrap the same bed sheet over it. Use another old bed sheet if you feel it's not covering the stuff enough. Gather the stuff from the bathroom in a bucket and keep it under your bed. Put your laundry in the washing machine. Gather all your cleaning tools and start cleaning everything. Scrub the bathroom tiles and the room's floor, wipe the mirror, wipe dust on closet, shelves and bed headboard, also get rid of any ceiling or wall webs. Clean every nook and corner of your room and bathroom. Now, take a breather. Enjoy a nice lemon ice tea and listen to a song, before you proceed to organizing.

How to Organize Your Room?

Your clothes must have been washed and dried in the machine by now. Before you start to organize your bedroom, take the clothes out and put them on a clothesline for drying. Now, unfold your bed sheets and take out stuff one by one. Wipe them if you feel there is dust or grime on them.

To organize clutter simply start placing things in the place where they belong to. If you are having a hard time placing things, then keep some spare cartoons under your bed and label them with colorful stickers, and write on the stickers what all items it contains. But, place the things you need daily on shelves and closet. Place books on shelves and clothes in your closet. Keep books in A to Z author-wise order, and clothes according to their types like t-shirts together, jeans, jacket, etc. together. To keep your jewelry and accessories use transparent boxes.

After you are done with the part of organizing now comes the part of decorating your room. To decorate a bedroom, simply keep small knickknacks here and there. Some examples are a pretty flower plant, a potpourri, even a colorful bed sheet or curtain will add to the decoration.
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