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How to Pack and Move Glassware: Crystal Glasses and Glass Accessories

Sean Phillips Mar 13, 2019
Your glassware needs a good deal of attention from you and your movers! After all, these are delicate and fragile.

Packing Crystal Glasses and Glass Accessories

In most cases, your sentiments are attached to these accessories. You want to protect these precious items in the best possible way, during a move. To make sure that these items are protected, hire a top specialized moving company

What to do Before Packing Your Glassware?
In order to keep fragile china and glassware safe, you need to the packing just right!

Write Down the Inventory

Prior to the packing, you can start making note of your entire valuable glassware inventory.

Take photographs. Write down what you have. If some of your glassware items have scratches, note that down as well. This way you will be able to file a claim against your moving company.

Check the Insurance Options

In case you are doing a DIY move, look into the homeowner's insurance policy. Try to see what it covers. Most of the policies cover belongings while they are inside the home.

However, the same policies might not cover items while on the moving vehicle. In that case, you need to consider buying an additional moving insurance policy from an insurance company.

Get the Right Moving Supplies

Moving supplies are vital. However, you just cannot go for random moving supplies. After all, these cost money. You need to invest in the right ones.

Packing Process

Gather corrugated moving boxes. All of the corrugated boxes need to be sturdy, without fail. You can separate the boxes into separate categories: plates and glassware.

Put Cardboard Dividers Inside the Boxes

Try to place partitions inside the boxes where you want to put your glassware.

When inserted inside the box, the dividers usually provide a good way to separate your precious items. Thus, your fragile items remain safe and protected.

Wrap Glassware Items in Smart Cushioning

At the time of packing glassware, try to wrap and secure each item with a good protective layer.

These might include bubbled cushioning or foam pouch inserts. You can stuff packing paper inside the glassware’s opening. This will add to extra protection.

Try to Fill Empty Spaces With Protective Cushioning

When you have already inserted each individual piece of glassware inside of a partition, try to fill in the surrounding space with extra cushioning.

This step will prevent items from shifting in transit.

Try to Wrap Dinnerware in Protective Cushioning

At the time of packing fine china, you can wrap each item individually in packing paper. You can also use several layers of bubble cushioning. You can further secure with packing tape.

Try to Add a Protective Layer at the Bottom

Before you start to pack dishware, you can line the bottom of your corrugated boxes with a layer of protective cushioning.

Start With Larger Items

You must place larger glassware items on the bottom of each box. This will surely prevent them from crushing your smaller items.

Keep the Lightweight Items for the Last

The common lightweight items include saucers, teacups or flatware.

When packed inside the box securely, you need to surround any void or empty space with extra padding. These might include blankets or packing paper.

What to do After You Pack?

Start Labeling

Once all of the boxes are packed, take a good marker and label each box well. You can write “FRAGILE” on the box that contains your delicate items.

Specify as to which side should be facing up. Each box needs to be labeled as per its corresponding room and contents. This will make it very easy for your movers.

Try to Place Inventory List Inside Boxes

You can make a list of contents for every box and place the respective list inside the respective box.

Following this simple step, you can easily find things at the time of the move and even after the move.


You must educate yourself more about the packing process, before packing these crucial items! The more tips you have, the simpler it will be for you to pack!