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How to Properly Pressure Wash your House Siding & Gutters

Matt Thompson Dec 11, 2019
If you want to clean your house through pressure washing, you’re in the right place! Today, you are going to know how to do it right. However, we still recommend that you let the experts handle it. So, the primary purpose of this blog is to make you have a keener eye on whether the guys you hired are doing the right thing.
The first thing that you will learn is how to prepare your home before you begin pressure washing. Also, we will talk about lessening the chances of damaging your home. Lastly, you will learn more about the proper way of pressure washing the sidings and gutters of your home. So, are you ready to start? Let’s dive right in!

What Should I Do Before Pressure Washing My House?

The last thing you'll want is to cause damage to your home or get hurt when power cleaning. Here are some simple things that you should remember to ensure you do the job without causing harm. By doing this, you will have a higher chance of doing it right and sit back to pat yourself in the back while sipping a cold one at the end of the task.

Use Eye Protection

Wearing eye protection is a must. It's quite daunting because it's almost a requirement even for professionals in a machine shop that aren't wearing eye protection. Still, you will always see DIY'ers and people working around their homes without eye protection. Super simple to wear a pair of safety-rated sunglasses to avoid eye injuries.

Avoid Ladders

You want to refrain from using a pressure cleaner when you are on a ladder because the push back from the wand is so strong that you may lose balance and fall. This is the reason why you will not see professional pressure washers use ladders. In the industry, people often use elevated work platform vehicles, scaffolding, rope access techniques.

Be Aware of Power Lines

Some houses have power lines running along the edge of their property or have them connected through poles. If you own one of these houses, make sure that you don't flick the extension wand towards the power line. It is very dangerous because you will be at a high risk of electrocution.

Clear the Area

Another super easy thing to do is clear the area of toys, bikes, etc. to avoid tripping over them. You should also clear the bottom part of your house siding of vegetation so you can clean them too.

Protect Yourself

The great force of the machine is not the only danger. You will also be exposed to cleaning solutions or chemicals to have better results. So, you need to protect your skin by wearing gloves, closed-toe shoes, long sleeves, and pants. Protect your eyes, too. Opt for full-face protection if you want more coverage than goggles provide.

Know When To Get Help

Contact professionals whenever you want to clean that's over one story and don't dare to clean the roof. Professionals have the proper equipment needed to get up three or four stories without utilizing a ladder. Also, working on roofs can be dangerous, and they can be damaged very easily. So, without right equipment, you can do more harm than good.

How Do I Pressure Wash the Gutters and Sidings?

  1. Pressure wash your home exterior at least every two years.
  2. House siding made of vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood, concrete and brick can use some regular washing. If you do so, it will increase your home's curb appeal and improve its lifespan.
  • Also, cleaning it by pressure washing, it is one of the best ways to prepare your home if you want to apply a new coat of paint.
  • Make sure to fix the damaged areas first. Avoid power washing if you think your house's paint contains lead.
  • Use the right attachments and materials to complete the job.
  • Start working on a day with low wind speeds and no rain when you pressure clean your house siding. Also, try to avoid power washing the side of the house if it is hit with direct sunlight.
  • Turn off the mains connection to the outdoor outlets of your home. You should close all windows and doors and cover light fixtures with plastic and tape to guarantee they are not damaged. Cut bushes and shrubs coming into contact with your home to allow for easier access for pressure cleaning.
  • Next, water all garden areas on the side of the house to ensure that they don't get harmed by the cleaning solution you use.
  • Use eye protection and avoid ladders.
  • Use a telescoping or extension wand to reach second-story levels or higher.
  • Now you can start. Attach the garden hose to pressure washer and start it up. Insert the siphon tube into a soap solution and attach the soaping nozzle.
  • Apply detergent to house siding starting from bottom to the top to avoid dirt and soap running down your house onto dry spots.
So, if you want to avoid the hassle, the easiest thing to do is to let the experts handle it for you. Also, you won't have to face the potential damage to your property that is brought by pressure washing. So, you should let the experts from Softwash Cleaning do all of this for you. You can call us at 0476-565-835 or visit our website.