How to Remove Crayon Marks from Walls

In this article I am going to give you 10 best ways to clean the crayon marks from your walls. All the items used for cleaning crayon marks are your household things making the process of cleaning easy and effective.
HomeQuicks Staff
Crayon Marks on Walls
The moment you enter a house and you see crayon marks on the walls, you can be sure that there is an imp baby in the house.
Moms keep cleaning the crayon marks and babies make sure that moms don't get free from it. If you have struggled to get rid of those obstinate crayon stains, I am here to give you easier ways to clean them.
10 Best Ways to Clean Crayon Marks From Walls
The 10 ways to remove crayon marks that I have mentioned below, require the most commonly used household items.
Using Baking Soda
Make a solution of baking soda and water. Take about a tea spoon of baking soda and mix it in a cup of water. This solution should work just fine. If you want to make it stronger than add a little bit of baking soda directly on the scrubber and rub it against the area which is stained with crayon marks. The soda solution will clean the marks in no time.
This is my favorite way of getting rid of the crayon stains. Take a scrubber and apply some toothpaste (not a gel toothpaste) on it. Now rub it against the area of the wall which is stained with crayon marks. It does the job in just a few seconds or at least in less than a minute.
Shaving Cream
Borrow some of your husband's shaving cream and apply it on the crayon stained area on the walls and leave it for a few minutes. After sometime, wipe the shaving cream away with a damp cloth or with a scrubber first and then a damp cloth.
Use a toothbrush and dip it in the vinegar. Use the bristles to scrub the stained areas. This will dissolve the crayon marks and give you clean walls.
Hair Dryer & Iron
Switch on your hair dryer and blow it on the crayon stains. The hot air blown out of the hair dryer will melt the crayon marks. Now, all you need to do is just wipe the crayon marks away when they have melted. You need to wipe the stains before they form again. Similarly, you could also use an iron. Place a few paper towels on the wall and then iron on them; the crayon stains will melt. Use the same paper towels and wipe the crayon marks away. Though, this is not the easiest way of cleaning crayon marks, it definitely works.
Use a Spot Remover
There are many spot removers available in the market and i am sure you will have at least one of them. All you need is to follow the instructions given in the guide and get rid of the stains. These spot removers are very efficient.
Powder Detergent
Take a scrub and moist it. Now sprinkle some detergent powder on the scrubber and let it stick on it. Don't dissolve the detergent completely and let it be in the granule form like a scrub. Now, rub it against the crayon marks and stains will come off very easily.
Take some rubbing alcohol and apply it on the crayon stains on the walls. Now, rub the alcohol applied areas with a cloth and your walls will be clean.
Steel Wool
A steel wool with a liquid soap will remove the crayon stains very easily. But, the only worry would be that it might scorch your paint away. So you will need to scrub the steel wool very gently, making sure the paint is not scrapping off.
Apply baby oil or coconut oil on the crayon stained walls and then rub it with a scrubber or a cloth. The oil will dissolve the crayon marks giving you clean walls.
After getting rid of the stains don't forget to clean them with water. This is very important as a few chemicals can even decolorize your paint, if left on the walls for long, leaving patches on your walls. These stains can be on clothes too and removing crayon stains from clothes is a tough job. You can use a butter knife to scrap off the excess and then proceed for other stain removal procedures.
All the above given ways are easy as you won't need a lot of strength to perform them and also you'd find most of the items used for cleaning readily available in your house.
Happy Cleaning Spree!!