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How to Remove Dish Soap from a Dishwasher

Removing of dish soap from a dishwasher may seem to be quite difficult, but it is not an impossible task. Find out how to remove dish soap from a dishwasher!
Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 7, 2018
Dishwashers have undoubtedly made our life easy. You do not have to wash the dishes by your hands everyday. But, despite knowing the fact that regular dish washing soap is not suitable for the dishwasher, many have made this mistake of adding dish soap into the soap dispenser of the dishwasher.
You realize your mistake when the dishwasher overflows with suds and your entire kitchen is flooded with a huge foamy mess. When you see this sight of bubbly rush all over the kitchen, the only question that comes to your mind is - how to remove dish soap from a dishwasher and manage the suds?

How to Get Rid of Dish Soap from Dishwasher?

The task of removing dish soap from a dishwasher is not that tough as you may assume it to be. Here's how to go about it.

Step 1

The moment you discover that you have used the wrong soap in the dishwasher, stop the cycle immediately. Then open the dishwasher and remove the dishes from it.

Step 2

The next thing that needs to be done is to bail out maximum possible water out of the dishwasher. A large sized container like a bucket will be more convenient for this job. Put the bucket inside the dishwasher to take out water and detergent bubbles from it and drain it out into the kitchen sink.

Step 3

When the level of the water inside the dishwasher becomes low, then the large bucket cannot be used to scoop out the water. In this case, you should use a small plastic bowl to remove the remaining water and suds.

Step 4

You may not be able to remove all the water even with the plastic bowl. So, you have to use dry towels to soak up the residues of water and suds. Try to dry up the interiors of the dishwasher with these towels.

Step 5

Next, you have to wash off the soap dispenser thoroughly to remove the soap left behind in it. Washing should be followed by wiping off the dispenser with an absorbent cloth to ensure that no traces of the soap remain there. Even a small amount of dish soap in this container can create huge suds all over again.

Step 6

White vinegar is known to be an excellent bubble killer. You can use it to control the detergent bubbles in the dishwasher. Pour one cup of vinegar at the bottom of the dishwasher. Then add a handful of table salt in the form of a thin layer on the top of it. Turn on the dishwasher and run it for about 4-5 minutes.
After you turn it off, open the dishwasher to check if suds have formed or not. If you find any, then add another cup of vinegar and run the dishwasher again. You should continue to do this till you find that all the suds are gone. Alternately, you can use cooking oil instead of vinegar in the same manner.

Step 7

Finally, you have gotten rid of all the suds of dish soap. Now, you must go for a round of regular dishwasher cleaning. For this, put some Tang Orange Drink into the soap dispenser and run the dishwasher with hot water through one full cycle.
Next, fill up plain vinegar in a dishwasher safe cup and place it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Now, run the machine through one more cycle. Thus, you will get a clean dishwasher with a fresh citrus smell.
After putting in so much effort in cleaning up the soap suds, you do not want a recurrence of this incident again. It mostly happens when you keep the dish soap and dishwasher detergent together and you pick up the wrong soap when you are absentminded. So, now onwards, keep them separately to avoid any such mistake.