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How to Remove Gum from Clothing

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Nov 25, 2018
Taking off a chewing gum stuck on clothes is very difficult as the gum adheres to the fabric tightly. However, there are certain tricks with which the chewing gum can be effectively removed from clothing.
Call it candy or a mouth freshener, chewing gum is a favorite for people of all ages. With this wide popularity, it is quite possible that you get gum on your clothes, carpet, furniture, and at times, in your hair. And the worst part is, if you try taking it out manually, some of the gum still remains in the cloth fabric.
Instead of getting frustrated, you can try out simple solutions for removing gum from clothes. For gum removal from carpet and clothes, you will find myriads of cleaning products in the market. However, the main drawback with using such solutions is the presence of strong chemicals, which certainly weaken the cloth fabric and at times, lighten its colors.
So, a better alternative for getting rid of gum from clothes is to practice cleaning tips at home with ingredients that you can find easily in the kitchen cabinet.

Using Ice Cubes

An instant way for removing chewing gum from clothing is by using ice cubes. Apply ice to the gum for approximately 15 - 20 minutes. This will harden the gum, thus making it easy to scrape off with a blunt knife. You may even consider keeping the cloth in the refrigerator for an hour or until the gum has frozen.

With Blunt Knife

You can use a blunt knife to scrape off the chewing gum as much as possible. Rinse the cloth and let it dry. Check whether the gum disappears or not; if not, repeat the procedure till the gum is cleaned completely.

With Boiling Water

Gum stuck on clothing can also be removed by dipping the cloth in boiling water (or ironing). This works in opposite to the freezing method. Take some boiling water in a small bucket and immerse the cloth in it. The gum will melt and soften after some time.

With Petrol

Petrol, gasoline, and kerosene are also effective for getting rid of gum from clothes.
Try to scrape off as much as you can before using petrol. Now, put some drops of petrol over the area and scrub for 2 - 3 minutes, until the gum is removed totally. Make sure you handle petrol carefully as it is highly flammable. You can then wash the petrol treated clothes with regular detergents to get rid of the odor.

With Peanut Butter

Another effective way to clean gum from clothes is using peanut butter. Similar to the petrol method, first take out maximum gum from the clothes and then spread peanut butter over it. Wait for some time, say 5 minutes.
The peanut butter loosens the gum, and simple scrapping is required to remove chewing gum from the clothes. However, remember to wash off the butter thoroughly, otherwise it may stain the clothes.

Using Vinegar

A popular method of removing chewing gum from clothing and carpet is conducted by using warm, white vinegar. You can use a toothbrush for applying vinegar over the gum. Dip the brush in vinegar solution and rub over the chewing gum. You may require soaking the brush and rubbing it again to remove the gum completely.
Whether you stick gum accidentally or somebody else did it, the solution to remove gum remains the same. For best results, clean the sticky gum from the clothes as soon as possible. If, at all, these techniques do not work out, try using label remover or other commercial products.
However, do not forget to do a spot trial for determining the product strength. That way, you can restore the original color of your cloth even after the laundry task is over.