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How to Remove Ink Stains from Silk

If you soak ink-stained silk fabric in hot water, it sets the ink deeply into it. This makes the damage permanent. This article provides some easy ways on how to remove ink stains from silk, without leaving significant damage behind.
Whether you go to school, college, or work at an office; ink-staining is experienced at some point by everyone. Tablecloths and carpets at home are also susceptible to ink spills from fountain pens, or a leaking ball/gel pen. Removing such stains is sometimes a very difficult task. Trying to get rid of an ink stain vigorously, can damage the fabric. Let us look at some easy ways on how to remove ink stains from silk.

How to Get Rid of Ink Stains
  • As soon your garment is stained with ink, use blotting paper to blot it out. Do it gently to prevent the ink from spreading. Avoid rubbing the stained area, as this will cause the ink to spread.
  • On a clean surface, spread super-absorbent tissues. On top of this layer, place the ink-stained fabric. Place a few more tissues over the ink-stained area, so that it is sandwiched between the tissue layers. Place a heavy object over this and leave it like that for a couple of minutes. The tissues will absorb the ink from the stained area.
  • If you see that the stain hasn't gone completely, repeat the above process. However, remember to use a new set of absorbent tissue.
  • Spray the ink-stained area with a good-quality hairspray. Test the hairspray on an obscure area of the fabric to check if it reacts with the material. Now, spray it on the stained area, liberally. This would loosen the remaining ink. Place absorbent tissue paper above and below the stained area (same as above), and place a heavy object on it. Leave it there for a couple of minutes. The stains should be gone by now. Lastly, wash the silk in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.
  • After using this method, if the ink stain still remains, allow the fabric to dry completely. Prepare a solution of water and white vinegar, using an equal quantity of both. Soak the ink-stained area for some time. Gently brush the stained area using an old toothbrush. Remember not to brush against the weave of the fabric, as this will cause damage to the material. Keep brushing gently till the entire stain vanishes. Then, rinse it well with cold water.