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How to Remove Kitchen Faucet

How to Remove Kitchen Faucet

Removing a faucet is easy. You can do this job yourself without hiring a plumber. This article takes you through the steps of removing a faucet, handle, and cartridge.
HomeQuicks Staff
It is normal for your faucet to leak after a considerable period of time. The main causes of this are high usage and constant contact with water. It gets very annoying to have a leaking faucet, as you constantly need to dry the water dripping from your sink. It also runs up your water bill. But if you know how to remove and replace the faucet, you can easily get yourself out of this problem.

Removing the Faucet

Step 1
Clear everything from the cabinet under the sink. You will find two water supply pipes connected to the sink from the floor. Identify the hot water line, and make a mark on it to help you take the faucet off and install a new one.

Step 2
Below both the water supply lines, you will find a crank which controls the water supply to your sink. Rotate it clockwise to turn it off. Also ensure there is no water left in the pipes. Turn the faucet on, and let the water in the pipes drain out.

Step 3
You will then have to remove both the water supply lines, by unscrewing the nuts which connect the faucet tubes and supply lines. Adjustable wrenches and pliers should help you do this. If you are finding it difficult to take the nuts off, use a lubricant to loosen them up a little bit.

Step 4
Next, you need to take the sprayer off. Under the sprayer handle or faucet, you will find a sprayer hose. Use your hands to loosen the hose, and then use pliers to unscrew the connecting nuts from both ends of the hose.

Step 5
There are mounting nuts present on both sides of the faucet base and under the sink. If you find one-piece plastic nuts, use your hands to rotate and take them off. In cases of metal nuts, you will have to remove them using an adjustable wrench or pliers.

Step 6
Now, just hold the faucet and pull it away from the sink. Under the faucet base, you might find a rubber gasket. Take it out, and clean the place around all three holes thoroughly. Also, with the help of steel wool, clean the dirt from the threads of the connectors.

Removing the Handle

To begin with, turn off any water supply to the faucet. Your handle will have only one screw at its base, so take it off with a screwdriver. If the screw is covered with a cap, pry it off and then remove the screw. Lift the handle towards you to separate it from the faucet assembly. You can then attach the replacement handle by reversing the process, or take the handle for repairs.

Removing the Cartridge

After the handle has been removed, take a large wrench and loosen the nut at the bonnet. This will make it easy for you to just pull the cartridge out from the faucet assembly. In case it is not coming off easily, try twisting it. Take the cartridge to a hardware store and purchase the exact replacement pieces from there.

Removing a faucet, handle, and cartridge is a quick job that you can do yourself. You will be amazed to find out how simple the process is, and how easily you managed to save a few bucks, which would have otherwise gone to the plumber.