Removing Mold From The Wall

How to Remove Mold from Basement

Does your basement smell musty and are the walls damp? These are signs of mold. Let's find out how to remove mold from basement and what are the measures to be taken in case of an infestation.
Very often, especially during winters and when it rains, we see that our basement has molds in it. Molds are tiny microscopic organisms, which belong to the fungi family. When in nature, this fungi helps in decomposing dead leaves and plants. However, they become a problem when they get into homes. Usually basements provide moisture, which is exactly what this fungus needs. There are many health risks, and they pose a danger to humans especially to people who suffer from asthma. Hence use the following removal tips and make your house free and fresh.
Mold Removal Tips
When you undertake the removal process, remember to wear a mask. There are chances that you will inhale spores while you are removing white or black mold. The other simple tip is to dampen the mold before you actually start removing it. This minimizes its chances of spreading in the air and eventually into your entire house. If you have wall paper or carpet padding on the walls, then the best thing to do is to remove it completely.
Bleach: Mix one part bleach with four parts water. Use this mixture and scrub the areas which are affected. Let the mixture stay on the wall for at least 15 minutes before you start working. This will make sure that the walls are disinfected properly. Make sure you clean the entire area well. When you use the bleach mixture, make sure you have rubber hand gloves on, at the same time take care that your skin does not come in contact with it.
Seal the Cracks: If you notice that mold reappears even after removal, you can try sealing the cracks on the walls. There are waterproofing compounds available for this purpose. They are available in all hardware stores. These compounds usually come with all the instructions on how to use them. So, you won't have a problem using it. If the area is damp due to water that is seeping from the walls, then you can waterproof the walls so that you do not face a similar problem again.
Ventilate: Usually basements have mold as they are not well ventilated. Hence, it is important that you ventilate the place well always. Even after removal, do not forget to ventilate the area. This will also help in removing the musty smell. If there is any furniture, carpets, etc., take it outside, clean it and keep it in the sun for sometime.
Dehumidifier: If your basement gets infected very often, it is advisable to install a dehumidifier. This will ensure that excess moisture is taken care of and molds are not formed.
If in spite of using these tips given about how to remove mold from basement, you are not able to get rid of it, you will have to seek professional help. There are certain products, which are available for this purpose. You can try these products to see if they help you solve your problem.
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