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How to Remove a Stripped Screw

Scholasticus K Apr 16, 2019
One of the biggest nuisance that many of us face while doing repairs, is the occurrence of a stripped screw and your inability to successfully remove it. Let's see how to remove a stripped screw from different devices, which you would normally encounter in your daily life.
When we find that the head of a particular screw is wearing off, and the threading is beginning to fade, it is time to replace the screw. Normally, this task of replacing a screw is pretty mundane, and does not require any special skill, but if the screw in question is a stripped screw, then many of us have a harrowing time trying to remove it.
A stripped screw can prove to be a nuisance, more so if you are in the process of repairing something. For that very moment, the stripped screw is a stubborn piece of metal that just won't bulge.

What is a Stripped Screw

The two important parts of a screw are the screw head and the threading. The screw head is the place where you place the screw driver in order to move the screw in an anticlockwise or clockwise direction. The screw driver perfectly goes inside the small slit on the screw head, and enables the application of mechanical force.
In some cases, due to over usage or aging, the screw head wears off, and renders the slit within useless. In such a situation, the screw is said to be a 'stripped' screw. Another situation where the screw becomes useless is when the threading of the screw wears off or breaks off.
This usually happens as a result of over usage or aging. Rusting and over application of mechanical force is also another reason that the screws becomes stripped, and one is unable to operate them.

Removing a Stripped Screw

Calm Down

First, stop trying to remove the screw, and calm yourself. In such a scenario, one tends to get all tensed up and frustrated. Hence, it is necessary to first calm yourself and think in the right manner. The reason that you need to stop using the screwdriver is that, you will further worsen the damage by again and again trying to loosen the stripped screw.

Screw Extractor

Use a screw extractor to remove a stripped screw. It is basically a type of screwdriver that can be used to burrow into the head of the screw. The burrowed end of the extractor prevents the slippage of the screwdriver, and one is able to easily extract the screw. The screw extractor also has a magnetic head that can be used to extract the stripped screw.

Silicon Glue

To remove a stripped screw from a laptop, you need to be as delicate as possible. The best way is to use silicon glue and a small piece of metal. Apply the silicon glue onto the screw head, and then stick the small metal piece into it. Then after the glue has dried out, you can slowly and delicately start unscrewing. Apply the least possible force.

Powerful Plier

If you want to remove a stripped screw from a wall, then use a screw extractor or even a powerful plier. In some extreme cases, people also make use of drilling machines to rip out the entire screw.
However, this heavily damages the wall. In case you do not want to use a drill or don't have one, then you can also try to stick another screw to the head of the stripped screw with an oxy-fuel welding flame. You can thus easily extract the screw from the wall.
While trying to remove the screw, make sure that you protect your eyes and also wear gloves, as shrapnel from the screw are tiny, and can be dangerous.