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How to Remove Tree Sap

How to Remove Tree Sap

Tree sap can be difficult to remove, as it is resistant to the normal washing soaps and solutions that are available in our household. This article will give you some simple ways to remove sap from cars or clothing.
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Tree sap is a sticky secretion that oozes from some trees. It is composed of sugar, water, minerals, nutrients, and chemicals. Removing sap from one's hands, clothing or a car is a difficult task. If it is not removed quickly, it could even turn black and might be more difficult to remove. The use of household cleaning products often proves to be unfruitful. If you notice it on your car, it would be best to use the following methods.

Tips for Removing Sap From a Car
There are certain solvents that can provide you with effective solutions to this problem. Some of them are mentioned below.

Pick a Nail Polish Remover
You can use a nail polish remover, but before using it, make sure that you clean the car with a normal cleanser like a soap solution. After cleaning the affected area of the car, put some drops of nail polish remover on a clean and dry towel or a cotton ball, and slowly clean the area by wiping in circular motion. You have got to press the area where the stains are hard and difficult, but don't overdo it. Use some extra drops of acetone, if required. After the sap is removed, take some baking soda to wash the affected area, and then apply wax so that the car's surface gets completely cleaned.

Try Out a Paint Brush Cleaner
A water soluble paint brush cleaner is a good option too. Rub the paint brush cleaner in a solution of bacon grease or lard and use it to remove the tree sap.

Wax and Grease
Grease is commonly kept in the garage for lubricating car parts. Pick that up and rub it over the stained area. Don't apply the grease and wax when the car is dry. First wash it with water and then apply. It may take several attempts to completely clean the car. After cleaning with grease, the surface of the car may appear hazy. Just apply wax, and your car will look spotless.

Denatured Alcohol
Many people have found denatured alcohol to be very effective in removing sap stains.

The New Automotive Clay
Automotive clay is a new product that has become an instant hit in the market for its stain removal properties. For using it, spray a water-based lubricant on a small area of the car. Now, use the bar of clay to clean the area back and forth. Move the bar in a circular motion and apply some pressure while rubbing the area. Clean gradually and touch the surface with your hands to find out if the hard residues have gone or are still present. Once the residue disappears, wax the surface and clean it with a soft and dry towel.

Removing Tree Sap from Clothing
Here are some tips for removing sap from your clothes.
  • Rub a fair amount of alcohol on the clothing gently.
  • Apply peanut butter and leave the clothing for a minute. Then, immediately wash it.
  • You can also use cooking oil, olive oil, or margarine oil to remove the stains.
  • Goo Gone solvent is also preferred by many people.
  • Even the hand sanitizer can remove the stains on the clothes. After applying the sanitizer, use a soft, clean rag over it.
The stain removal depends on the number of days the stain is on the car/clothing and various other factors. So, if you find any new method on your own, do share it with your friends so that everyone can benefit from it.
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