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How to Remove Wallpaper Borders

How to Remove Wallpaper Borders
Wallpaper borders can leave behind a sticky, stubborn residue, after struggling to peel them away. Let's take a look at how to remove wallpaper borders effectively and easily.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Wallpaper borders are often used to make the walls of a room more attractive. However, it can appear dull and shabby after a while. It can be quite frustrating to peel them away, given the fact that they adhere most adamantly to walls. Let's take a look at some helpful ways on how to remove wallpaper borders.
Steps on How to Remove Wallpaper Borders
Remove decorative items from the walls before performing this task. Move the furniture of the room to the center, so you can easily get around. Cover the floor and furniture with plastic sheets before you begin. These are the different methods on how you can do this job.
Method #1:
You want to protect the underlying paint from peeling away, along with the wallpaper border. Warm can help you do this, without causing severe damage to the paint. Take some warm water in a spray bottle and spritz it on the wallpaper surface. Apply enough water (a little at a time) to soak up the wallpaper border; this is essential to avoid any ugly marks from forming as the excess drips. Wait for the water to get absorbed by the paper and the adhesive bond underneath. You can now easily peel the borders away.
If the borders still don't come off easily, use a plastic scraper to do the job. In certain parts, you may have to reapply warm water, wait for about half an hour, and repeat the work all over again. If the outer layer of the wallpaper is made of vinyl, then water will not penetrate through its surface and reach the adhesive. In that case, you have to use a perforating tool or sandpaper to expose the underlying adhesive layer, so that the water can effectively penetrate it.
Method #2:
Applying heat directly to the wallpaper borders can help loosen it up. Use a hairdryer to perform this job. Set the hair dryer settings on high, position it about 8-10 inches away from the wallpaper, and direct the heat towards it for a couple of minutes. The heat will soften up the glue, allowing you to peel the wallpaper easily; it should come off smoothly. However, if it does not, then use a broad putty knife.
Method #3:
For extremely stubborn wallpaper borders, you can use a commercial wallpaper removal product. They are chemical-based solutions which when applied on the borders, dissolve the wallpaper glue and make peeling a cinch. Be sure to read the label of the product carefully and follow the instructions.
Method #4:
Fabric softener can be used by following an extremely simple technique. Fill up a spray bottle with fabric softener and spray it on the wallpaper border. If the wallpaper border doesn't budge, dip a sponge or soft piece of cloth into the fabric softener and rub it all over its surface in a thick, even layer. Give it enough time to soak up the paper; either peel or scrape it off.
After removing the borders, you will find traces of adhesive residue left behind on the surface of the wall. To remove wallpaper glue, dip a soft cloth in warm water, lightly dabbing it over the residue. Let the walls dry up overnight, before applying a fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper.
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