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How to Remove a Window Film

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Oct 30, 2018
Removing a window film is a must, to replace the old with a new one. This ensures proper adherence of the film and appearance of the window. Let's see some useful and easy tips on how to remove these films.
Window film, as the term suggests, is meant for covering the surface of the window. As far as improving the comfort level of home is concerned, installation of this film is cost-effective and less troublesome.
You can apply a window tint film to minimize solar heat penetration, protect ultraviolet light, create privacy and also, to retain heat inside the room. Some films are designed for decorative purposes.
Based on the type of window glass, you can select from a wide range of films, either the regular transparent type or tinted variety. A correctly installed film usually lasts for a couple of years. If there is any sign of wear and tear, replace the film with a new one. In such a case, removing the film is the first step before installing a new one.

Things to Consider and the Procedure

The steps for removing a film may vary depending upon the type of window glass and the type of film that has been installed. These films are available in several types, each of which is used for specific home improvement purpose. To mention a few, there are insulating, privacy, and glare-reducing films.
You can refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for removing the films without causing damages to the window glass.


The tools required for removing these films, are a sharp razor blade and an ammonia-based cleansing solution. 
While purchasing the cleaning solution, check the label whether it is applicable for the removal of window films or not. You will also require a thick plastic or cloth material to place on the other side of the window, so as to avoid spillage of the solution to other surfaces.
If you are sensitive to allergies, always wear safety gears like protecting mask and gloves prior to spraying the cleaning solution.


If you are ready with the required tools, you can proceed with the removal. First of all, try to lift the film from the corners with the help of the razor blade. Make sure that you do not make scratches in the glass. Gently pull the film as much as you can.
In case of any remaining films, you can loosen the adhesion by spraying with the cleaning solution. Fill the ammonia-based solution in a sprayer; spray the solution thoroughly all over the surface of the film. You can leave the film overnight for easy removal.
The adhesive in the window film absorbs the ammonia solution, which then breaks it down. Complete removing the film by re-wetting the film with the solution and then pulling it carefully. You can scrape the film with the blade in case of any tough adherence. This way, you can successfully remove window films without damaging the window glass.
You can follow the same steps of applying ammonia solution and scraping film for removing window tint film. To give a clear appearance, wash and clean window with a glass cleaner. Now, the windows are ready for applying a new film.