Replacing Aluminum Windows With Vinyl Windows

Azmin Taraporewala Jan 1, 2019
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You may very well know how it feels when you have unattractive aluminum windows to look forward to/through! Why not learn how to replace aluminum windows with vinyl windows? Here is a rundown of instructions for the procedure.
Living with aluminum windows can be an unpleasant and unattractive experience. Aluminum windows may not deliver a look to your home that you have always desired. There are certain reasons why aluminum windows must be crossed and vinyl windows deserve a tick!

Why Replace Aluminum Windows with Vinyl Windows

Reasons Why Aluminum Must Be Replaced

  • They can be unattractive and dip the property prices.
  • Do not provide any insulation.
  • They are old, creaky, and noisy.
  • Your house may serve an easy prey for burglary; aluminum windows provide no security.
  • Cleaning the windows is indeed mission impossible. The screen is tough to remove and even tougher to install it back into its respective space.

Reasons Why Vinyl Windows Must Be Installed

  • The windows do not creak and screech when you open or close them.
  • Security of the house is maintained.
  • There are no wind drafts that lash the house.
  • They appear pleasant to the eye.
  • The house remains well insulated.
  • Cleaning the screens is no problem anymore.
  • Your property price gets a hike.

Replacing an Aluminum Window with Vinyl Window

Before beginning with the installation process, you need to check with some of the factors that will dictate the steps you have to take for the installation. Keep in mind the type of frame, check if you have stucco house, how old is your house and how old are the fittings? Have you made any changes to your windows or doors in the past?
Well, the process that involves aluminum window replacement if you have a stucco structure may involve complications. What you could have is a retrofit frame that has an interior with a trim.

Two is company!

Attempting to conduct the installation all by yourself is not a good idea. Make sure that you have your neighbor or relative with you.
With his help you would have the installation process made much easier. Having him hold the window from the outside while fixing it, will help you handle the window from the inside.

Drill the Frame

When you have a retrofit frame, you need to drill three holes maintaining the same size of each hole into the frame. You may also notice that there are three holes on the sides and on top of the frame. A retrofit frame opens on the outside. When you have a stucco home, you may install a vinyl window with considerable ease.

Get Rid of Old Panels

When you are done with the retrofit frame installation, apply a thick layer of caulk. Applying caulk will ensure that the frame is sturdy. If it is a stucco frame, all you need to do is to have the new vinyl window slide through.
The retrofit frame will stick to the aluminum frame that was placed and open on the outsides of the stucco. With the holes that you had drilled, you may place the frame by drilling in screws through those holes.

Check the Installation

When you are done with the installation, make sure that the window is secure. Ask your relative to stand on the other side of the window and check if the window is secured well and the screws are applied appropriately. If he and you confirm, you may move on to the next and the last step of the installation procedure.

Apply Trim

Apply a trim of your choice. Either wood or vinyl trim would do. Apply some caulk at the outsides of the frame if need be, to fill certain gaps and hide certain flaws.
These tips and ideas are reason enough to go for the window change and that vinyl windows could be suitable for you and your house. So, what are you waiting for? Let's begin with the process of replacing an aluminum window with vinyl window.