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How to Use a Carpet Cleaning Machine

How to Use a Carpet Cleaning Machine

You'll find some very simple instructions on using a carpet cleaning machine in this article that will put an end to your carpet cleaning woes.
Sujata Iyer
Carpets add a dash of glamor and style to any home. They give it a more welcoming and warm feel. They make you feel at home and encourage you to relax and make yourself comfortable. However, when they get riddled with spills, stains and other sediment, it becomes a rather unpleasant sight to behold. Then comes the daunting task of cleaning the whole thing. Cleaning a carpet can take up to an entire day, especially if it has some really stubborn stains that just won't go away with water and a little detergent. So, if you're planning to clean yours, make sure that you keep a whole day aside. There are an array of carpet cleaning machines that are available on hire at home improvement stores that you can use to make your job easier and with a more professional touch. This HomeQuicks article will give you precise instructions on how to go about it.

Using a Machine to Clean your Carpet

Step # 1: Needless to say, the very first step that you need to take is get yourself the appropriate carpet cleaner. You can mention the type of carpet that you have and the store will give you the appropriate machine. Also, they may or may not provide you with a cleaning solution or shampoo for the machine. Again, you need to use one that will agree with the carpet in your home.

Step # 2: Next step, get home and move out all the furniture and accessories from the room that you intend to clean. As mentioned earlier, this process could take all day. So, keep the furniture in a convenient location. If you cannot move the furniture, you may want to consider at least covering its legs with plastic wrap to avoid staining.

Step # 3: After you're ready with the empty room, you may or may not want to vacuum the carpet to get rid of the dust and other loose particles.

Step # 4: Before you do the entire room, it is advisable to test the cleaner on a patch. So, fill the dispenser on the cleaner with the solution given to you, after reading the instructions regarding the quantities very carefully. Pay good attention to the quantities as a little miscalculation could lead to disastrous results like your carpet getting completely bleached!

Step # 5: After filling the dispenser, gently press the lever which will allow the solution to get sprayed onto the carpet. Once you've sprayed enough on the patch, you can let go of the lever and simply run the machine vertically towards you over the area that you sprayed, about 10 times. The machine will assimilate as much of the dirt and gunk that it can, thanks to the solution which loosened them up. Let the patch dry for a while. After it has dried, if you see that your carpet looks and feels fine, you can proceed with the rest of the room.

Step # 6: If your carpet has a lot of very rigid stains on it, then you may even consider using a stronger cleaning solution, prior to using the shampoo/solution in the machine. However, make sure that it is well dried before you use the machine because it is possible that the two solutions may react and result in an unpleasant blotch on your carpet.

When using a machine to clean your carpet, remember to use it in one direction only. Either vertically or horizontally. Random directions can look very ugly after it dries up. After you're done using the machine, make sure that the room is properly ventilated so that the carpet dries up faster. Happy cleaning!
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