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How to Use an Electric Smoker

Follow These Essential Tips on How to Use an Electric Smoker

Nowadays, an electric smoker is more in use than charcoal or wood smoker to impart a smoky flavor to meat, vegetables, cheese and fish etc. Read on to know how to use an electric smoker effectively.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2019
Smoked meat, cheese and vegetables are very popular among people. Smoked meat and fish not only taste great but they also preserve the food for a longer duration. When a particular food is exposed to smoke from a heat source for a certain time period, it is known as smoking. It imparts a delicious smoky flavor to the food and gives it a distinct taste.
The kind of wood that is used for smoking food has a bearing on the taste and flavor of the smoked food. Traditionally, wood such as that of Alder and Oak were used for smoking meat and fish but gradually fruit tree woods like maple, cherry and apple were also introduced as smoking wood.
There are different types of smokers from charcoal ones to water smokers to homemade meat smoker, but the most popular ones are the electric smokers. If you have an electric smoker at home, then you can smoke many food items quickly.
Smoked meat
But the key to preparing a well smoked food item is to know the correct way of using an electric smoker. Here is a related information.
Tips for Using an Electric Smoker
Know the Basic Parts of the Smoker
After purchasing an electric smoker, you might be tempted to smoke a batch of meat immediately. But preparing food like this, without knowing the basics of the smoker can be disastrous. Before you start smoking your food, first know the basic parts of the electric smoker and how each part works.
Also go through the manufacturer's instruction manual carefully and learn the nitty gritties of smoking meat and vegetables. Learn the working principle of the smoker and follow all the safety instructions listed on the manual.
Cure or Season the Smoker
Before you use your brand new electric smoker for smoking a beef brisket or a fillet of fish, you need to season it first. To season an electric smoker, you need to coat the top, racks and sides of the smoker with vegetable oil.
Any kind of cheap vegetable oil will do, you do not need to use your pricey extra virgin olive oil for seasoning the smoker. Make sure that you do not get the oil into the electrical element of the smoker. Next switch on the smoker and let the electric smoker work for 3-4 hours.
You can also add some wood chips inside the smoke-wood container. Seasoning the electric smoker like this will help in getting rid of any odors in the smoker and also prevent it from rusting.
Prepare the Food for Smoking
For successful smoking of meat, fish or vegetables, you need to prepare the food before you switch on the smoker. In case of frozen meat and fish, thaw the food thoroughly before you place them inside the smoker.
If frozen food is tossed into an electric smoker the flavor of the food might suffer. Brining and or marinating the food before smoking it also ensures a good smoky flavor.
Prepare the Electric Smoker
After you have seasoned the smoker, it is time to prepare the electric smoker for smoking a batch of food. All electric smokers have a water pan that regulates the temperature of the grill.
To avoid over heating the grill, you need to monitor the level of water in the pan. If the water in the pan dries up, the food will get over cooked and the flavors of the food will be too smoky.
An electric smoker is a convenient equipment to have in your kitchen as it allows you to smoke any food without any worry. Once you buy a smoker for you home, it is essential that you read the manufacturers instruction manual to understand how to use an electric smoker effectively.