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How to Use Safety Glasses

Hacks on How to Use Safety Glasses and Save Your Eyes from Harm

Safety goggles are made using sturdy materials, with the only intention to protect the wearer's eyes from damage caused by accidents or injury...
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
The use of protection equipment should be considered important. They are meant to prevent or considerably reduce damage to the body in case of accidents. Safety glasses are one such protective gear used in specific kinds of jobs where there are chances of injury to the eyes.
These glasses are special types of goggles that are meant exclusively for protective purposes. They are normally bigger in size than the standard ones. They serve the purpose of protecting the wearer's eyes from any kind of debris or harmful liquids or gases and even accidents. Unlike conventional goggles, they are made of plastic lenses that are shatterproof. As a standard requirement for eye protection, lenses on such glasses should at least have a 1 millimeter thickness, irrespective of the material used.
Uses for Safety Glasses
Wearing safety glasses is required in various situations. Workers in welding projects need to wear goggles with dark lenses to protect their eyes from harmful fumes. Protective goggles are included in a motorcycle safety set. The frames of these glasses are generally made up of flexible fiber so that they don't break even if the wearer meets with an accident. The glasses help the rider get a clear view and protect his eyes from dust. Those working in chemical labs may also require to wear these glasses before entering the facility. This is to safeguard the eyes from harmful fumes and flying debris while working.
Tips on Using Safety Glasses
If you are buying safety glasses, you need to make sure that they are of good quality. You will find two types, viz. basic impact and high impact. Certified basic impact ones have the brand's logo or mark on the frames or side shields, whereas high impact glasses have a '+' sign following the brand mark. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has certain standards set for certification, which should be followed while buying a pair of these.
Cleaning the Glasses
Before wearing the glasses each time, you need to make sure they are free from damage as damage can decrease their ability to protect your eyes. For good visibility, clean the lenses and body of the glasses with soap and water or a lens cleaning liquid. Many a time it happens that no matter how much you maintain the glasses, they get fogged, which obstructs vision. To prevent this, you should use an anti-fogging liquid to clean the glasses.
Usage and Storage
While wearing the glasses, you need to ensure that the frame fits you well on the nose and sides. The frame should cover the eyes from all sides and should not slip. You can even use the side shields if the job you do, demands that. Store the glasses in a proper case after use. Inspect the goggles periodically to find out any damaged parts or scratches on the lenses. If you find any, get it repaired or replaced.
Safety glasses are very useful in DIY home improvement projects to prevent eye injury and when working with chemicals that can damage the eyes. The use of these glasses can be extended to any job where eye protection is essential. So, do not undermine the importance of using them and take good care of them, to ensure the safety of your eyes.