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How to Wash Pillows

Tulika Nair May 10, 2019
Washing your pillows is a tricky yet necessary chore. It is important to remember the type of filling in the pillow and follow washing instructions accordingly, for the best wash.
Most of us tend to launder our bed sheets and covers every week, but when it comes to the pillows that we use, it is a completely different matter altogether. Several people wonder about the regularity with which they should wash pillows.
Generally it is considered important to wash the pillows at least twice in year, if not more often. But the process of washing pillows can be a slightly difficult one as different types of pillows need different methods of washing. Read ahead to know about what the best methods at your disposal are.

Washing Pillows at Home

Firstly, check the tags attached to the pillows. Most manufacturers give specific instructions regarding the cleaning of the pillows and you will do well if you follow them.
There are some pillows like those that are filled with buckwheat that cannot be washed. There are also certain types of pillows that will need to be dry cleaned. Therefore, it is important to know which pillows can be washed at home and which need to be sent to the laundry.
Pillows that have synthetic filling can be washed in a washing machine. Use cold water and a soft detergent to wash them.
If you choose to dry the pillows in the washing machine as well, then try and set the heat of the machine if it allows you to do so. Do not machine wash pillows with other linen as they will need space in the machine in order to retain their shape. Do remember to check the tags on the pillows to see any specific washing instructions from the manufacturers.
If you use foam pillows, then you can wash them in the same manner as normal pillows with synthetic fillings. Never dry foam pillows in the machine. In fact it is imperative that you lay them down in a cool place to dry.
The most amount of care needs to be taken of pillows that have a natural filling, like a down pillow. It is best that you give them to a professional cleaner who will know exactly how to get the grime out.
Cleaning down pillows at home can be an extremely difficult task. If you cannot avoid it, hand wash them in warm water and let them dry on the clothesline in a shaded area. It is important that you allow a down pillow to dry properly as it can develop an extremely unpleasant smell otherwise.
It is important that you always wash only one pillow at a time. Also never wash the pillow along with the pillow cover. Wash them separately. It is important that you allow them to dry well to avoid molds or mildew.
Like most other home cleaning tasks, the entire process of washing pillows can be a tedious one, as having to do so one at a time can be quite mind-numbing, but this is an important part of the entire cleaning procedure.