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Infrared Grilling Technology

Puja Lalwani Nov 6, 2018
The infrared grilling technology has emerged to be far more useful and beneficial than the regular grilling techniques. In fact, it has lived up to all the hype that has been created about it. Take a look at how it works, and why it is a must-have for all you barbecue lovers.
Ever wondered why you can't prepare the same juicy, flavorful steak at home, like the restaurant? Preparing meals identical to that in a restaurant may not be easy, but preparing a steak, like the one in the restaurant, now is. Again, what different is it that they use? Restaurants have been using the infrared grilling technology for a long time now.
An infrared grill provides many benefits when it comes to making different delicacies on it, and it is far better than your traditional outdoor grill. You too can enjoy its benefits by investing in one, and relishing the rich flavors that you have so far only enjoyed outside.

How does it Work?

The infrared grill has a special gas burner, that works to transform natural gas into infrared radiation. Within the burner is a gas, that is pressurized by the cooker, and is used for cooking. This gas produces a red flame. The temperatures produced are much higher than in a conventional gas grill. It provides direct heat to the food, for it to cook.
Thus, much less time is required to cook compared to a traditional barbeque. The generated heat is direct, as such it does not depend on the medium used to cook the food. While a regular barbecue provides a maximum of 800ºC of heat to cook, an infrared grill will produce above 1000ºC of heat within less than a minute, without having to close the hood.
An infrared grill has a cooking grate, that is in a concave shape. This is to ensure that, any moisture that is released from the food, is collected in the process of searing the meat. In the process of cooking, this moisture turns into vapor, and returns into the food.
This means, as compared to your traditional barbecue grill, the meat here will not turn out dry and tasteless. In fact, it locks in the juices and gives you a delicious preparation.


Even if you are rooted in the use of the traditional barbecue, you simply must experience the benefits, that infrared grilling technology has to provide. Though there may be several pros and cons of using it, a point to note is that, as the technology improves, the final result only keeps getting better. Thus, the pros definitely outdo the cons here.
  • Since an infrared grill takes less time to cook, you can spend less time cooking and enjoy your meal thoroughly. As mentioned earlier, within a minute, it is ready to start cooking.
  • The flavors of the food cooked on it are richer than on a regular grill. They provide a uniform distribution of heat, which allows your meat to cook well from all sides. The moisture that returns to the food gives it a rich, smoked flavor.
  • Cleaning it up is very simple. In fact, all the grease goes into the cooking grate, and burns there. You can almost consider it to be a self-cleaning technology.
  • Cooking on an infrared grill is possible even in the cold, because it is unaffected by the air around.
  • This type of grill is also more cost-effective than a regular one, considering that it lasts much longer. Moreover, because the food cooks quickly, it utilizes lesser resources, and helps with the cost factor there too. Though while purchasing it, you may have to shell out a little more, it will definitely last much longer than the regular.
You can use it to prepare anything that you like; steak, vegetables, seafood, and chops. When you try it, you will definitely prepare delicious meals in a matter of minutes.