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Detailed Instructions on How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Effectively

Chandramita Bora Oct 30, 2018
To sharpen a chainsaw, some special skills and understanding about the tool is required. A chainsaw is basically a saw specifically made for cutting trees or wood. Let's see some tips to sharpen the chainsaw blade.
A chainsaw is a mechanical saw used for cutting trees and wood. The main parts of a chainsaw used for cutting and slicing are the cutters, which are plated with industrial chrome.
When the cutters are used for cutting wood filled with dirt and debris, the chrome layer slowly wears away and makes the cutters dull. As a result, you have to push the chainsaw harder into the object, in order to cut it. This is a clear sign that it requires sharpening.

Sharpening a Chainsaw

Before sharpening a chainsaw, be sure to clean it and remove all dirt and grime. Both mineral spirit and detergent can be used for cleaning or removing greasy dirt.
Look for any damage to the teeth of the saw, and check the length of the top plate, i.e., the flat surface on the top of each tooth. The length of this top plate should be ΒΌ inch, and if it is not, then consider to replace the chainsaw instead of sharpening it.
Always get the right-sized file or sharpener for sharpening your chainsaw. For this, first take a proper measurement of the chainsaw and its teeth. Depending on the size of the chain and the cutter style, files of different diameters can be required.
For sharpening the blade of the chainsaw, place it on a solid surface like a workbench. Now, clamp or fasten the bar of the chainsaw to the holding device that can hold any device firmly with its two strong jaws. So, it will hold the bar of the chainsaw firmly so that the chain can rotate freely.
The next step is to place the file in a suitable position. Usually, the notch located on the front of the cutter is the proper place for keeping the file. It should be placed at the same angle as that of the cutter on ground, i.e., at an angle of 25 degrees.
Now, you can start sharpening this equipment by sliding the file across the face of the cutter, pushing it from the short side of the angle to the long point on the tip.
If all the cutters of the chainsaw are of equal length, you can begin with any one of them. Otherwise, you have to locate the leading cutter and start with it. Identifying the leading cutter is quite simple, as it is the shortest cutter. File the cutters in such a way that the flat surface on top of each cutter is of same length.
Remember to maintain the same angle while working on each tooth. The number of strokes applied in filing each tooth should be the same. Usually, 3 to 5 stokes for each tooth are sufficient. Once you are done with one side of the blade, follow the same procedure for the other side.
Before using the chainsaw, check the condition of the teeth. Ensure that the chain is neither too loose nor too tight. If possible, clean the surface of the object to be cut with a brush. Remove dirt, grime, and small rocks from the surface before using the chainsaw to maintain its sharpness for a long time. It would also make further sharpening easier.
Clean the air filter of the saw after every use. For any kind of problem with the engine, it is advisable to take the help of a professional. For your own safety, do not forget to wear safety glasses, hand gloves, hard hat, and ear plugs while using a chainsaw.