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Smart Time-saving Instructions to Clean Canvas Shoes

Instructions to Clean Canvas Shoes
Cleaning canvas shoes require some time, but is a simple and easy process. These shoes can be cleaned by various things such as stain remover, alcohol, baking soda and more.
Sharmistha Sarkar
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
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Do not use bleach directly on shoes. This may cause a yellow discoloration of the material. Using a small amount of bleach with water is fine. Also, avoid placing your shoes in the dryer, for it may damage the rubber material and soles.
A canvas is a woven fabric or cloth that is used for making shoes, tents, handbags, electronic device cases, backpacks, and other things. It is a strong material and hence has many uses. There are many types of canvas shoes like Converse, Vans and Keds, the most popular among them being the Converse shoes.

All canvas shoes are great looking as well as comfortable shoes. They can be worn for just about any occasion like school, college, office, or a casual outing. It is very difficult to keep them clean, as dirt and scuff marks get along with them very easily. However, cleaning these shoes are easy, though time-consuming. So, how do you clean them? Clean them up with these simple steps.

Spot-cleaning your shoes by hand will help you remove dirt and stains on the surface. However, to clean your shoes deeply, a washing machine can do a better job. Also, for the scuffs marks, you can try a few tricks to make your shoes look brilliant in no time. Here are some simple ways of cleaning the shoes.
Cleaning canvas shoes by hand
Step 1: Take a bucket full of warm water. Create a rich lather with 1 to 2 tbsp. of mild soap or laundry detergent. Now, swirl the water around until the detergent dissolves and bubbles are formed.

Step 2: Scrub the excess dirt outside the shoe with a toothbrush or washing sponge. Moisten the shoes by gently dipping them in water. Continue scrubbing them to remove the dirt. Avoid immersing the shoes in water entirely.

Step 3: Now rinse your shoes in warm water to remove the remaining bits of dirt. Avoid using hot water.

Step 4: Wipe off the shoes by using a towel to squeeze any excess water from them.

Step5: Stuff the shoes with papers or similar materials to shape the shoes, as water will cause to shrink the shoes.

Step 6: Let the shoes to dry in the sun or in a place indoors. Avoid direct heat, as it can weaken the glue and texture in the shoe.
Cleaning canvas shoes with washing machine
Step 1: Take off the shoe laces. This will make it easier to clean the shoes. Dip the shoes laces in a separate bowl of soap and water solution. Scrub them vigorously and wash with water. Hang to dry.

Step 2: Remove the excess dust and dirt from the shoe with a brush.

Step 3: Apply a stain remover to all the dirty spots in the shoe. Read the instructions on the label before using a stain remover. Apply it under the tongues to get those annoying stains out. Instead of a stain remover, a mild soapy solution can also be used. You can take a clean rag or toothbrush and dip it into a solution of soap or laundry detegent and water. Now, scrub the rubber part of the shoes. In case, this does not help, add a small amount of bleach to the soapy solution.

Step 4: Now, to clean the canvas or fabric thoroughly, place the shoes inside a washing bag (to prevent from banging around), put it into the washing machine. You can also put in some towels or rags in the machine along with the shoes to avoid too much noise as the shoes move around. Sprinkle a little detergent (bleach-free) on the cold water in the machine. Run the machine on a gentle cycle.

Step 5: After the washing is complete, take out the shoes and let them dry in the sun or in a place indoors depending upon the color. If the shoes are colored, dry them in shade or indoors to prevent fading of colors, and if they are white, dry them in the sun, which will help the white color to brighten more.
Cleaning canvas shoes with baking soda
Step 1: Moisten the shoes by washing them in warm water.

Step 2: Take a toothbrush or sponge and soak it in mixture of baking soda and laundry detergent. Use it to clean the shoes by moving the brush in a circular motion until all the dirt comes out.

Step 3: After cleaning them thoroughly, wash the shoes again with a lot of cold water to remove all traces of soap.

Step 4: Wipe off the shoes with a paper towel and stuff them with newspapers inside. Let them sit overnight and dry.
Removing scuffs and scratches from the rubber
1. Clean the rubber with a paper towel dipped in a soap and water solution.

2. If this does not help, use rubbing alcohol on it. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the shoe by applying pressure. This is a very effective process. Most of the dirt will come out.

3. You can also dip a cotton ball in a small amount of nail polish remover and remove the scuff marks.

4.Use a whitening toothpaste directly on the scuff mark on the rubber part of the shoe and scrape it with a toothbrush. This will remove the scuff and make the rubber parts look whiter.

5. Another way is using a mixture of small amount of bleach and water. Dip a toothbrush into this solution and scrub the scuff marks off the shoes.

6. Yet another option is to use a lemon. Cut it and directly apply it on the scuff marks.