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Keeping Your Vacant Home Safe while Moving

Moving home can be a challenge and it can be hard to move without leaving a house full of valuables alone for a few nights. Here are a few tips.
Austin Winder Nov 4, 2019

Keeping Your Vacant Home Safe while Moving

While you are moving, you will probably have a vacant home. It’s not very often that people can move all of their items over at one time. Unfortunately, this puts your vacant home at risk of getting burglarized while you aren’t there. Today we'll look at steps you can take to keep your home safe.

Make Sure You Lock It

It can be easy to forget to lock your vacant home. Make it a point to lock it every time you go from one house to another. Even if you will be gone for only a few minutes, you shouldn’t leave your home unlocked.
Burglars can take a lot of items in just five minutes. Check the locks on all of your doors and windows before you leave your house. If your valuables are in storage, make sure you get insurance on your items and that everything is tight and secure before leaving.

Utilize a Lighting System

Your home is less likely to get broken into if it looks like there are people at home. You can achieve this in a vacant home by utilizing a lighting system. Set it on a timer so the lights will come on when it starts to get dark outside. If burglars think that they can be seen, they probably won’t enter your home.

Keep Your Keys on You

It can be tempting to leave a spare key outside for your movers or relatives that are helping you. However, there’s a good chance that burglars will find it. Keep your keys on you, and don’t leave spare keys under mats, in a fake rock or behind a bush.Keep Your Keys on You

Ask a Neighbor to Keep an Eye on It

If you will be gone for most of the day or even over-night, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Find out if they can check on it a couple of times. If they notice anything suspicious, ask them to call you.

Have Your Mail Forwarded As Soon As Possible

Burglars are smart, and they can often tell that someone hasn’t been home for a while just by checking their mailbox. If they see that there are several days worth of mail in it, that is a tell-tale sign that the house is vacant.
The same can be said for newspapers and packages. If there is more than one newspaper or an abundance of packages, you may inadvertently be letting burglars know that your home is vacant.

Prepare Your Home From Movers

Not only can burglars wreck your home but hiring the wrong moving service can end in damage too. This is why you need to do what you can to protect it from potential physical damage and hire movers who know what they’re doing.
You can start by lining all of your floors with plastic. This will protect them from mud, dirt and debris. Wrap bubble wrap around large items. This will help the movers keep things protected while they are trying to move heavier items.