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Kitchen Faucet Repair

Pragya T Nov 26, 2018
Kitchen faucet repair can be easily done yourself without professional help. Keep reading to learn the stepwise instructions on how to repair a kitchen faucet.
There are various types of kitchen faucets, but the plumbing basics of removing, cleaning, and reinstalling the faucet remains the same. The problem of a leaky or noisy faucet is faced, when either the parts of the faucet are completely corroded, too old, or are very dirty.
In some cases, you might just need an old toothbrush to clean the parts, but if the parts are completely worn out then replacing them with new parts is essential. Let's look into the different types of kitchen faucet repair methods depending upon the source of the problem.

Blocked Screen

Put a rag in the drain to avoid slipping of any part down the drain and turn off the water. Inside most faucets you will find a small screen, which is present at the end of the spout from which the water comes out.
If the problem occurs due to a dirty screen, then you might need to do some basic cleaning. Take out the spout by unscrewing it and then use a toothbrush to clean the screen to get rid of any blockage.
Then take out the screen and let it soak in a solution of warm water and vinegar for an hour. Again get rid of any sediments using a toothbrush. Dry the spout and reinstall it to the faucet and check.

Fixing the Cartilage

In many cartilage type of faucets the problem could be due to a corroded or dirty cartilage. Turn off the water and put a rag in the drain. Remove the faucet head and keep the parts in order, so that it is easy to place them back in their original places.
For faucet removal of the spout, you will have to unscrew the screws underneath it, then pop out the faucet head using a knife or nail filer. Underneath this you will see a long cylindrical object, which is the cartilage. Take it out and examine it. Check whether it can be cleaned and fixed back or is beyond repair and needs to be replaced with a new one.
For cartilage faucet repair of a dirty faucet, use the warm water and vinegar method and scrub it clean with a toothbrush. You can buy a replacement part for a new cartilage kitchen faucet from a hardware store. Carry the old parts with you to get the exact replacement parts. Then reinstall all the parts in order and check.

Clogged Pipe

Sometimes the problem could be occurring due to clogs in the pipe which is attached to your kitchen faucet. Turn off the water and keep a rag in the drain. Then remove the faucet head and arrange the parts in the order that you will have to reinstall them.
Then use a plumbing snake, which can be found at any hardware store. Feed the snake slowly down the pipe to unclog the pipe, turn the snake around if you find any obstruction. Take out the snake slowly and replace the faucet parts in order. Then turn on the water and check.
However, the removal of the faucet heads might differ, as there are different kinds of faucets used for kitchen. But the basic repair remains the same which is to remove the parts, check for dirty or corroded parts, clean them or replace them with new parts, and reinstall the faucet.