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Kitchen Storage Tips: How to Organize Your Kitchen

Rita Putatunda Nov 20, 2018
Kitchens can often get cluttered. Here are some tips on organizing the storage space, such as your cabinets, daily dishes, utensils, and appliances, so that your kitchen becomes both well-organized as well as aesthetic to look at.
With the fast paced and hectic lives we lead today, having a well-organized kitchen is essential to avoid clutter. In order to run your life and home smoothly, it will be well your worth focusing on organizing your storage well. Here are a few tips that will help you to get your kitchen organized.

Organize Your Pantry

You will require at least one fair-sized pantry in order to organize foodstuff. Don't just keep piling in the cans, the pantry should be organized in such a way so that finding things is easy when you require them and also to become immediately aware when you run low on any food item.
One of the best ways to organize your pantry is dividing the space according to each type of food such as snacks, condiments, legumes, dried foods, canned meats, jams; sweeteners - artificial sweeteners, molasses, honey, sugar, grains, pasta, canned fruits, canned vegetables, etc.
In fact, check out how grocery stores organize their storage space by categorizing each type of food and replicate the same idea in your pantry. Place the newest items at the back thus pushing the older food items forward. Arrange rectangular steps so that the items can be stored at different heights so that even the stuff that is at the back is visible.

Organize Your Storage Cabinets

One of the basics that everybody agrees about, is organizing the cabinets. Items that are used regularly can be kept in overhead cabinets above the kitchen counter. This is where you can keep required utensils, dishes, or pots.
Larger and heavier items should be kept in lower cabinets. If any utensil happens to be very heavy, you may want to have a separate counter for it. 
Freestanding cabinets are great for additional storage space. Usually made from attractive materials like mahogany, oak, and cherry wood. These are practical as well as decorative. They can be placed flat against the wall and are discreet and slim enough to be fitted in any part of the kitchen.

Organize Your Cooking Utensils

These days, cooking utensils come in attractive colors and designs; hence, they need not be tucked away inside drawers. Besides being functional, you can use them to make a style statement or add to the interior design theme of your kitchen.
You could place them right beside your stove in attractive storage bins or fix a wire mesh wall in your kitchen and hang them on it so that they are on display.

Organize Your Tableware

Of course, the dishes you use day-to-day are usually kept in kitchen storage cabinets, however if you beautifully designed china or plates, you could store them in glass cabinets so that they are on display.
If you do keep them in the shelves, make sure that they do not crowd them together. Like items should be stored with like items.
For example, all the glasses should be kept in one cupboard, while all your cups should be kept on a different shelf. You should use a wide drawer to store your silverware, which you should be able to reach easily from your stove or counter.

Organize Your Appliances

Keep the kitchen appliances that you use only occasionally in those hard-to-reach places, which helps you to get them out of the way, thus reducing the clutter in your kitchen, plus making good use of those spaces. A good tip about appliances is not to go overboard about buying too many of them in the first place.
You can be as quirky or traditional as you want when organizing your kitchen. Store your silverware or chinaware in plain view, if that is what you like. Or you could keep them all away out of sight.
There really are no rules, just organize your kitchen according to your sense of style and convenience.